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Libertarian runs for Congress against Republican dad

Francis M. Powers, a master carpenter and independent musician, will be seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for Congress in New York’s 13th district. If he makes it to the ballot, he will possibly face Francis H. Powers — his Republican father — in the November general election.

Francis H. “Frank” Powers is facing a tough primary opponent in Dr. Jamshad Wyne, the Staten Island Republican Party finance chairman, as well as three other GOP hopefuls. Two Democrats are also running to replace retiring Republican incumbent Vito Fossella.

Francis M. “Fran” Powers has “an extremely good” chance of securing the LP’s nomination, according to Manhatten LP chairman Ron Moore. However, Francis M.’s platform would seem to deviate substantially from plumb-line libertarianism, as he says he would focus his campaign on home port redevelopment, increased public transit, and the borough’s “overdevelopment” problem.

Still, Francis M. insists his candidacy has nothing to do with a vendetta against his father. He refuses to say anything bad about Francis H., only about the Republican Party and its “warmongering, diverting of tax money, and wasteful mismanagement.”

Francis H., by contrast, took a shot at his son: “Unfortunately, he’s rejected everyone’s help to live a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of whether he wants to run for Congress, I still stand ready to help him move his life in a positive direction.” A Republican insider elaborated by saying Francis H. does not approve of Francis M.’s “carefree” musician’s lifestyle.

Francis M. says that if he cannot win the LP’s endorsement, he will move on with his one-man Anarchist Party.

Since the New York Libertarian Party does not have ballot access, the party will need to collect 3,000 signatures to put Francis M. Powers on the ballot.

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  1. Ross Levin Ross Levin June 5, 2008

    I read about this. It’s really a bizarre situation. I feel bad for that family all around.

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