Prohibition Party’s Amondson interviewed

Wikinews today has an interview with Prohibition Party presidential nominee Gene Amondson, “a preacher, artist, and prohibition activist.” Asked why he wants to be president, Amondson said, “With one out of nine blacks between 20 and 34 in prison, prohibition will come again for the fourth time.” Asked if he can win the election, he replied, “Third party people do not win but we say wise things.” Amondson said John McCain is his preferred candidate among the major party contenders.

8 thoughts on “Prohibition Party’s Amondson interviewed

  1. Mike Theodore

    I guess he’s claiming that alcohol is the root cause to all incarceration. Alot of Prohibitionist’s bend facts alot. At least this guy seems pleasant enough. Not all angry catholic priest-like.

  2. Steven R Linnabary

    Ironically, his favorite candidates’ meal ticket (McCain’s wife), is a beer distribution heiress.

    Oh well, if I can drive on government roads and use the internet that was created by the government (or Al Gore), I suppose I can excuse his hypocracy.



  3. John P Slevin

    The mention of the incarceration rate of African Americans certainly is confusing. He seems to be accepting the canard that African Americans abuse intoxicating substances at a higher rate than those of other races.

    And Mike, I was educated by Catholic priests and sisters, many were quite jolly and none were as wigged out as to be prohibitionists.

  4. Zeleni

    It seems like he looked at the incarceration facts and came up with the opposite conclusion. I’d wager more of those young black men are in prison due to the prohibition of illegal drugs rather than the impacts of legal alcohol. Not only should we keep alcohol legal, but we should repeal drug prohibition.

  5. G.E.

    Prohibition of all illicit substances in the U.S. has been rooted in racism.

    The Prohibition Party was part of the “Progressive Movement,” by the way.

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