Free State libertarians upset with Barr nomination hold mock funeral for Libertarian Party

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Third Party Watch, which is owned and operated by Barr supporters and employees but is supposedly a “news” site, said the funeral participants were “losers” and suggested that if someone had been using as many illicit drugs as the makers of this film, it might be funny.

8 thoughts on “Free State libertarians upset with Barr nomination hold mock funeral for Libertarian Party

  1. paulie cannoli

    We lost the nomination battle, therefore in that sense we are losers. Of course that word has other connotations, but it’s not necessarily an editorial statement.

  2. Eric Sundwall

    It’s a shame that certain types of small ‘l’ Libertarians seek to denigrate the LP at all.

    Over on TPW ol’ Ian B. talks about ‘liberty in our lifetime’. Well I got news for ya buddy, mock funerals ain’t the way to do it either. It’s just hippy dippy schtuff. Get all self righteous on your show if you like, but don’t act like you’re suffering fools when you cry about the ‘Party’. I certainly don’t suffer FTL, by the simple act of not listening.

    I consider the Free Staters allies in a fight that will last most people’s lifetimes. To viciously snap or act against those who share similar, if not complete, values is immature and unnecessary.

    Blaming a third party for a lack of results is likewise unfair. The good people within choose to enter a stacked arena and hold their banner high as they get mowed down. Perhaps some consider this a waste or silly, but many folks remember and develop sympathies and approaches to problems and ideas based on these semi-noble actions. Besides, if I choose to spend my time or energy in such pursuits, who are you to tell me whether it is a waste ? Piss off, really.

    As far as the Barr nomination goes, relax, he ain’t gonna win. If you don’t want to participate don’t. If you think there’s a better choice for you, fine. This nomination wasn’t by any means settled easily within the LP. How many people at ‘Burning Porcupine’ were at the convention shilling for their candidate ? If the answer is little to none, why do you even bother with this level of street theater ? Aren’t you beyond or above it ?

  3. cxxguy

    I don’t get it either. I’ve preferred some of our candidates to others, but let’s face it: even an elected candidate cannot transform the world into his ideal world overnight.

    That leaves two questions to answer:
    Q.1) Does the candidate want to go in the same direction I do?
    A.1) Yes: Barr, unlike McBama and OCain, wants to move toward smaller government — not to slow the growth, but to shrink it down.

    Q.2) Is the candidate likely to help the party grow.
    A.2) Yes. Barr has gotten more attention than I have ever seen a Libertarian candidate get, and he argues well. He is more “moderate” than most of our candidates have been, which makes it easier for people to consider the ideas he puts forward. That will give us Radicals a great group of people who are “not quite there” to work with in the first stages of shrinking government, and to attempt to convince along the way.

    Barr was not my first choice candidate, but I can’t complain about what he’s done so far.

    Barr has gotten the best respons I have seen since I became a Libertarian in 1992.

  4. bile

    Eric: Why isn’t pointing out that as a component of the freedom movement the LP has made few tangible gains unfair? You guys can do whatever you like with your time but if the LP amounts to little more then a debate club it’d be nice that LP members admit as much instead of (I’m obviously generalizing but I’ve found this too be too often true) acting as if the LP is THE place to be for the liberty movement? The Ron Paul campaign did a lot for the movement but how could anyone deny that the kind of money spent on it could have gotten far more tangible thing accomplished in localities around the nation? As I said on TPW… it appears to me, as an out of state FSP member and a local, not national LP member, local organisations and the FSP have done more in the past few years then the national LP has in 30 years. And as for relaxing about Barr… for someone who feels that Barr represents a huge deviation from what some believe the LP should represent… it’s difficult not to see Barr/Root as anything other but a takeover by little government R’s ticked off at the big government R’s. Add on top having to explain to people why the LP candidate isn’t unabashfully anti-drug war and corporate bailout, etc. If the layman is going to association “Libertarian” with Bob Barr and WA Root I don’t want to carry that title.

  5. FTL_Ian

    Mr. Sundwall,

    No one ever suggested that the funeral was intended to help us achieve liberty in our lifetime. It was for fun, and it was fun.

    If you want to spend your free time, energy, and money trying to reform the system from the inside, I wish you good luck. We will certainly not stand in your way and will be here waiting if and when you finally realize that it’s all been a waste, as I eventually did.

    RIP LP

  6. Jim Rongstad

    I agree with Peter and cxxguy.

    The key is to move in the direction of more freedom. We didn’t get where we are overnight, we are not going to get where we (libertarians) want to be overnight.

    To hold out for perfection, is to guarantee failure.

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