McKinney, swift on Blog Talk Radio

In an interview with Radio Resistance at Blog Talk Radio, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney talks about Iran, the Green Party, impeachment, Sibel Edmonds and more.

In an interview with Green Party Watch Radio, also hosted at Blog Talk Radio, kat swift discussed Ingrid Betancourt’s release, as well as her campaign’s focus on domestic violence, food insecurity, especially for women, de-militarization coupled with environmental clean up, and a list of steps needed to turn this from an ever expanding society to a sustainable society. She also encouraged listeners to donate to McKinney’s campaign fund in hopes of securing federal matching funds.

6 thoughts on “McKinney, swift on Blog Talk Radio

  1. Trent Hill

    I cant believe McKinney is doing blogtalkradio shows. Why isnt she hitting all of these big-city socialist radio stations?

  2. paulie cannoli

    Anyone have questions I should ask McKinney and GP also-rans if I get a chance to at their convention?

  3. Melty Rox

    Ask if they’re in favor of Instant Runoff. If so, why? Instant Runoff is inferior, yet the Green Party is still misguided in this and stands behind it. Ask how they feel about the superior voting methods, namely, Approval Voting and other forms of Range Voting.

  4. Mike Gillis

    Yes, definitely ask why she seems to be avoiding mainstream media and why she isn’t mentioning her run for the presidency to the few opportunities she has to address large crowds.

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