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Missouri Constitution Party qualifies for ballot

Although the Missouri Constitution Party submitted its’ signatures for ballot access a long time ago, the Secretary of State only just now certified those signatures and alerted the Constitution Party of Missouri that all of its candidates were on the ballot.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. JULY 2, 2008—The Missouri Secretary of State’s office today completed the certification process that enabled the Constitution Party to gain ballot access and to list its slate of candidates in the November election.

“This is a momentous day,” said Constitution Party of Missouri Chairman, Donna Ivanovich. “Missouri voters will now be able to vote for candidates who place the needs of the people above party politics. People are hurting from low wages and high costs. Now they can experience a rebirth of the American dream when they elect our constitutionalists in November.” We have a large slate of candidates running at federal, state, and local levels.

“My hat’s off to everyone who made this possible—the 10,000 registered Missouri voters who signed our petition and the party members who worked so incredibly hard to make this day happen.”

Of the many Missouri Constitution Party candidates, Don R. Griffin seems poised to achieve the most votes. Don is the former radio talk show host, former Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Assembly, and former chair of the Pat Buchanan campaign in Missouri.

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