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Stephen Williams interviewed on Minnesota Public Television

Stephen Williams, who recently received the endorsement of the Independence Party of Minnesota for Senate, was interviewed this past Friday on Almanac, a St. Paul based public affairs program. The six minute interview includes the soft-spoken Williams’ views on a national sales tax (which he believes will make American goods more competitive overseas and create a new stream of revenue from foreign goods sold here), corn ethanol (which he calls “an economic, humanitarian and environmental disaster”), and a brief pitch to Minnesotans to take advantage of the IP’s ballot-access and run for office.

On the possibility of Jesse Ventura’s entrance into the Minnesota Senate race, Williams is doubtful that Ventura would choose to be “one of a hundred.” Though speaking quite highly of the former governor, he does say he would be “happy to run against him in the primary.”

The full interview can currently be viewed on Almanac’s website here by selecting “Senate Candidate Stephen Williams” on the menu to the right of their video player.