Veteran LP petitioners reportedly reinstated

According to comments made by Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, LP Political Director Sean Haugh has rescinded his “blackballing” of veteran LP petitioners Paulie Cannoli and possibly Andy J.

Winger also says that Gary Fincher’s case is being looked into and that Fincher may be reinstated as well.

Sean Haugh remains Political Director. It’s as if none of this ever happened.

5 thoughts on “Veteran LP petitioners reportedly reinstated

  1. Gene Trosper

    It seems this is being taken care of internally, like it should have. Mistakes were made, so let’s move on.

  2. Nexus

    Agreed Gene, especially if these guys are as good at petitioning as I’ve heard. The LP needs them.

  3. Steve LaBianca

    None of this changes the fact that Sean Haugh is a very loose cannon, however. Fine though . . . let’s get past it. Haugh is likely to repeat his habitual offensiveness, and I hope that he is toast when that happens.

  4. lil girl blue

    Gary fincher should not be allowed to prtition for the libertarian party like he has been in the past. He has falsely accused Andy J for beating him up…three days in a row, and has put me up in a video against my will on youtube. It was a video made for his gf and he posted it using it to get a restraining order on andy j. It was totally out of context. When asked to remove me from the video he said to leave it alone. He is very un libertarian as I am sure all of you know.

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