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Libertarian, Reform candidates register in Kansas polls

A SurveyUSA poll of 641 likely Kansas voters (+/- 3.9%) found five percent backing Libertarian U.S. Senate nominee Randall Hodgkinson, and two percent supporting Reform Party candidate Joseph Martin. Incumbent Republican Pat Roberts leads Democrat Jim Slattery 58% to 31%.

In the First U.S. House District, 562 likely voters (+/- 3.5%) gave two percent to Reform Party candidate Kathleen Burton and two percent to Libertarian Jack Warner. In the Fourth U.S. House District, 550 likely voters (+/- 4.2%) gave three percent to Libertarian Steven Rosile and two percent to Reform Party candidate Susan Ducey.

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  1. Trent Hill Trent Hill August 22, 2008

    Susan Ducey, for those who dont know, also tried to capture the Presidential Nomination of the Constitution Party, and then the VP spot. She failed at both, naturally.

    But–this more on the correct level.

  2. millerpolitics millerpolitics August 22, 2008

    It should also be noted that the Reform Party in Kansas has Baldwin/Castle as its presidential ticket, not the Weill/McEnulty ticket nominated at the Reform Party convention.

  3. donald raymond lake donald raymond lake August 27, 2008

    Hill and Miller,

    Semi Rich Guy from Tytusville Mississippi, Theodore Weill broke [or at least severly bent] a dozen laws as his employees boosted him into the Mississippi and Louisiana state ballot for POTUS. His vice presidential mate is running for the top of the ticket in other states.

    Due to ‘fusion’ policies, this ticket may not be legal in either ballot accessed state.

    Just when you think things could not get funnier [stranger] with CP or RP……

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