Modern Whig Party adds Michigan Chapter

In a press release, the Modern Whig Party has announced the addition of a new chapter in Michigan. That brings their grand total to “12 state affiliates… more than 10,000 official members.” The press release profiles their new Michigan chairman, Samuel S. Cummings, as,

an executive in the private security sector and is also a telecommunications and computer engineering consultant. Coming from a family of national service, his immediate family has been associated with the federal Departments of Transportation, Treasury, Homeland Security and Justice, he has lived around; and has seen a great deal of the United States. A former mortgage banker and having strong familial and friendship ties with the military, Mr. Cummings considers Veterans affairs and the general economy first priorities in our nation today. Mr. Cummings resides in Livonia, Michigan.”

The Modern Whig Party seeks to be an alternative for those who cannot decide between Democrats and Republicans. While they’re a minor party, they call themselves “non-fringe.” For anyone who’s curious, you can look up your state chapter at

And don’t forget to watch the Whig’s new promotional video.

10 thoughts on “Modern Whig Party adds Michigan Chapter

  1. Jared

    Is there any place here to report news stories we have without butting into posts?

    A story I just read is that the Independent Green Party of Virginia is attempting to get a Michael Bloomberg/Ron Paul Presidential ticket on the ballot. There are some mainstream reports of it on Google News.

  2. Trent Hill


    for future reference–yes there is a place to report news to us. Simply click the “About” tab on the top and there is a “tip hotline”

  3. Jared


    Thank You.

    Suggestion though, any way you could put a “submit news” box similar to what Matt Drudge has on his site? I think it would encourage people to submit stories.

  4. Sean Scallon

    Middle of the road parties don’t amount too much in the long run. All that is in the middle of the road are dead animals and yellow lines.

  5. donald raymond lake

    Sean Scallon: Yellow animals and dead lines?

    The platform of the Nova Whiggets? The symbols and ichronography?

  6. The Modern Whig Maverick

    “Middle of the road parties don’t amount too much in the long run. All that is in the middle of the road are dead animals and yellow lines.”


    That’ll totally work, right?

    I think the Libertarians are starting to get a little affraid.

  7. The Modern Whig Maverick

    We are not centrist in the normal sense. We actually have many libertarians in the party. I myself am a neolibertarian.

    We are actually very different from centrists and libertarians though. In our existence we have created a new ideology and philosophy that tanscends the political spectrum.

    The reason libertarians should be affraid is because we can actually get things done, fixed, and people elected. Maybe not under a Whig ticket or banner, but diffenately elect a Modern Whig into office.

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