Pennsylvania LP unveils state ticket

The Pennsylvania Libertarian Party “has rounded out its list of candidates for the top of the ticket in this year’s election,” and “substituted candidates for several who qualified for the ballot by the Aug. 8 deadline but later withdrew,” the AP reports. Green Party 2006 gubernatorial candidateMarakay Rogers is the LP candidate for attorney general, while Berlie Etzel is running for treasurer and Betsy Summers for auditor general.

12 thoughts on “Pennsylvania LP unveils state ticket

  1. Mike Theodore

    Rogers still smells a bit Green.

    2) I oppose the state property tax and support a graduated income tax.
    4) I support universal health care for Pennsylvania.
    5) I support a Pennsylvania living wage

    My knowledge of living wage is really slim, but the whole thing smells unlibertarian, even from MY perspective.

  2. Trent Hill

    DUH! ITS THE PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE! She will magically win the Supreme Presidency of the Milky Way by combinging 1% and 1% to get 34%.

  3. sunshinebatman

    Attorneys General don’t set tax rates or health policy…

    The questoin here is whether Greens and LP in Penn have the same law enforcement priorities… what corporations and people could this guy be prosecuting? Could he try to FREE MUMIA?

  4. Ross Levin

    Well, John Murphy’s running for Congress here in PA and he has the nomination of both the LP and the GP and the CP. But he’s officially an independent, along with all other third party candidates in Pennsylvania, because of ballot access laws. Not sure if that applies in this case, but it could be something similar.

  5. George Donnelly

    Here is the rationalization behind the PA LP running a Green for Attorney General:,com_smf/Itemid,60/topic,33530.msg35437/#msg35437

    should the LP reject any candidate who doesn’t score a 100-100 on that world’s smallest political quiz? If so, we’re not a party but a club. Futhermore, what if one questionable position of an LP candidate has no bearing on the duties of that office?

    So, according this guy, any deviance from libertarianism is entirely excusable because otherwise the LP would not be a political party.

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