U.S. Marijuana Party candidate says she is victim of ID theft

Cris Ericson, who is on the ballot in Vermont as the U.S. Marijuana Party candidate for both governor and the state’s at-large U.S. House seat, said this week that she has been the victim of identity theft. On her campaign website Wednesdat, Ericson wrote, “I went to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles yesterday to update my drivers’ license. I was told that my name and social security number do not match up in the computer, and I have 90 days to correct the situation or my license can be revoked. Someone has stolen my name. What, besides my house, my car and my bank account, do they want?”

Ericson continued, “I think someone may have paid someone at Social Security to change the spelling of my name in order to deprive me of my medical records to exposure to federally regulated toxic hazardous substances at work. … I’m just trying to figure out who would want me to stop using my name, Cris Ericson. I have a little house, an old car and a tiny bank account. I think the real motive for someone allegedly paying someone at social security to change my name is that the attorneys for the employer’s bankruptcy action don’t want me to ever get official Whistle Blower Status for prying open their nasty trade secret chemicals which include a carcinogen. I will do my best to get my name back, to get my identity back. I have called the F.B.I. I will file whatever injunctive relief court actions I have to file.” She also said she thinks the major parties might be behind the incident in an effort to thwart her campaigns.

3 thoughts on “U.S. Marijuana Party candidate says she is victim of ID theft

  1. Gregg Jocoy

    I’ve always wondered…if someone steals my identity, do they have to pay my bills too?

    If so, my social security number, mother’s maiden name, and birth date can be yours for the asking!

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