White boy goes Hip Hop with Rosa

A self-described “White boy” with rhythm, Green in Brooklyn writes about an appearance by Green Party Veep nominee Rosa Clemente. Kicking her campaign for Vice President into high gear, Clemente’s supporters came out to send her campaigning with some enthusiasm and a few extra dollars in the campaign fund.

The full story, with photos, is over at Green Party Watch.

One thought on “White boy goes Hip Hop with Rosa

  1. donald raymond lake

    I keep looking for some one else to respond.

    I literally can not stand most Dems and GOP!

    I would love to get interested about this post.

    I would love to get involved with Greens, Nader,
    LP/Barr. I can easily leave Baldwin and arrogant super hawk Keyes alone!

    As some one whom gave the major parties the one finger salute over two decades ago, I can not get reveved up over any one. I am truly afraid of Hilary, John Insane, Baldwin and Keyes. I tolerate Obama and Nader.

    But basically, as a alternative candidate supporter, I feel that I have ‘no dog in the fight’!

    I will probably vote [Perot, Perot, Nader, Nader] Nader NOW ON THE PEACE AND FREEDOM BALLOT in California. But it is [as before] a give away. The Democratic nominee will take all federal electors by over 1M votes.

    If I were in a purple state, I would be lost.

    Is it just me as a bitter straight male WASP and abused military veteran? In a year begging for a viable option from the ‘Radical Middle’ I could care less. Apathy party any one?

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