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A call to action for Election Day

Recently, the Credo Action Network sent out an email to its supporters calling on them to do something about stolen elections and disenfranchisement. They wrote about election laws that might prohibit people who have lost their houses from voting, using it as a reason for why anyone who is old enough should be a poll worker.

In third parties, there is a lot of complaining about unfair elections. Credo is calling on people like those who complain to act on their opinions. If you are a poll worker, you can ensure the fairness and smooth operation of elections by working to fix any irregularities that come up and reporting them not only to the government, but to an election reform organization like Black Box Voting. You can even help make it less of a hassle and embarrassment for someone to cast a write-in vote. Here is a website that you can use to become a pollworker.