Alaska Libertarians could drop U.S. Senate nominee

Alaska’s Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that the Alaska Libertarian Party “is considering replacing candidate David Haase‘s name on the November ballot in the U.S. Senate race with Republican David Cuddy” after Haase “sent a letter to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on Tuesday blasting the leadership of the Libertarian party and apologizing” to incumbent Republican Ted Stevens. Haase wrote, “I am an unknowing accomplice in a conspiracy to rig the election in favor of [Democrat] Mark Begich. A straw man, that’s what I am and I am so ashamed of myself.” On his website, Haase says he plans to vote for the Republican John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket.

Cuddy “acknowledged being approached by several members of the party leadership prior to the primary election about the possibility of replacing Haase, but said he hadn’t given the idea much thought.” He “said it was ‘unlikely’ he would accept such an offer from the party.”

6 thoughts on “Alaska Libertarians could drop U.S. Senate nominee

  1. pdsa

    Alaska Libertarins == Republican Lites?

    A libertarian should be proud to be part of the process that takes Stevens down. If for nothing else than his vote against the McCain Anti-Torture Amendment – one of the nine reprehensible Republican Senators who did so.

  2. richardwinger

    Congratulations to IndependentPoliticalReport for finding this interesting news.

    The Libertarian Party of Alaska nominates by primary and had little say over the identity of its nominee for US Senate.

  3. Trent Hill

    Dave Cuddy is a self-made millionaire who spent quite a bit on his race against Stevens and didn’t make much of a dent. Instead, Cuddy should make a VERY high-profile endorsement of Bob Bird and urge the LP to endorse him.

  4. Sean Scallon

    “I’m sorry Ted?” What is Ted Stevens his God or something? Is he asking for forgiveness? What a moron. Who did he think he was running against?

    What a moron. Dump his arse.

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