Alaska Libertarians may not be able to replace U.S. Senate nominee

Alaska Division of Elections officials said Friday that the state’s Libertarian Party cannot replace David Haase as its nominee for U.S. Senate unless Haase agrees to step down himself, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports. Haase “appears to have no intention of dropping out. ‘My goal is to be the next U.S. senator from Alaska,’ he said.”

Alaska LP Vice Chairman Harley Brown told the newspaper there are “differing opinions on the board as to whether Haase should be kept on the ticket, but the party isn’t exactly sure what can be done under state election law.”

4 thoughts on “Alaska Libertarians may not be able to replace U.S. Senate nominee

  1. MarcMontoni

    Three thoughts:

    1) Unless Haase has done or said something that was injurious to the Party, I think the LPAK is foolish to pull its nomination so they can endorse a Republican.

    2) After reviewing his campaign web site, it is certain the LPAK should have vetted him much better.

    3) The state should not be dictating who runs under a party’s banner. If they really want to replace him, they should be able to do so without interference from the state.

  2. richardwinger

    David Haase seems to contradict himself. First he says he wants the incumbent Republican to win, then he says he himself wants to win.

    The Alaskan Independence Party for governor willingly withdrew late in 1990, so that the party could substitute Walter Hickel, who went on to win the general election under the AIP label. If Haase really cared about the Alaska Libertarian Party he would withdraw. If the Alaska Libertarian Party can’t get 3% for US Senate or US House, and if it can’t increase its registration by about 2,000 more registered members, it will go off the ballot in November.

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