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Democrat, Independent, and Constitution Party candidates agree to debate in PA’s 16th

A press release from the John Murphy campaign letting people know about a September 23rd debate:



For Immediate Release: September 19, 2008

For Further Information: John Murphy (610) 384-4460

CHESTER COUNTY, PA – On Tuesday, September 23rd WGAL-TV will be hosting an informal debate featuring the four candidates for House of Representatives in the 16th Congressional District. When the Rotary Club held a debate in 2006, John Murphy the independent candidate was not invited. Although Mr. Murphy had the endorsements of four political parties he was told by a representative from the Rotary Club that he had no support. WGAL-TV is to be congratulated for inviting all four congressional candidates to this debate-like forum.

According to Murphy, “I have been told that the Constitution Party candidate, Dan Frank and the Democrat Party candidate Bruce Slater confirmed with WGAL-TV that they would participate several weeks ago when I also confirmed my participation. As late as Wednesday, September 17th however we have been told that the incumbent Republican, Mr. Pitts, who has a 97% record of voting with the Bush administration has not even given the television station the courtesy of a reply”.

Murphy, Frank and Slater come from different political orientations and disagree on several issues but, unlike the incumbent Mr. Pitts who promised to serve only five terms and is now seeking his seventh term, all three are opposed to the continued occupation of Iraq, corporate welfare, called “bail outs” these days, the squelching of our civil liberties under both the USA Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act and the loss of our fourth amendment rights through the use of warrantless wiretapping.

According to Murphy “I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Pitts decided not to participate because he is being opposed by conservatives, liberals and independents in the 2008 election. The policies of George Bush, which have been consistently supported by Mr. Pitts, have been repudiated by over 70% of the people in this nation. Returning Mr. Pitts for a seventh term is unthinkable but because of the way the two old parties in Harrisburg have gerrymandered Pennsylvania, incumbents invariably retain their seats. The game is rigged. Representative democracy in Pennsylvania is a sham”.

John Murphy concluded, “I would imagine that Mr. Pitts’ advisors would tell him not to participate because it simply not in his best interest since he would be facing three opponents all of whom are fiercely opposed to the Bush policies which he has consistently supported. Furthermore, Joe Pitts has consistently voted against legislation that would favor the middle class. Out of 55 pieces of legislation which would have benefited the middle class since Mr. Pitts took office, he voted against 45 of them! I guess if I voted against helping out the middle class 82% of the time, I wouldn’t want to appear in public either”.

(Full disclosure:Â I’m volunteering for Murphy’s campaign, and I’ve spoken to him several times.)


  1. kalipay kalipay September 20, 2008

    Dan is working hard on his campaign, and has attended many of the national events for Chuck Baldwin’s campaign as well. We’re excited for him to be a part of this!

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