Independent candidate for Congress condemns Obama, McCain, and ‘corporate owned parties’

In a press release, independent candidate for Pennsylvania’s 16th District’s House seat John Murphy blasted everything from Ronald Reagan to the Taft-Hartley law. His grievances, he said, were caused by “the same 1,500 corporations” controlling the Republicans and Democrats.

The rest of the press release follows:

Murphy went on to say that both presidential candidates are in complete agreement about the continuation of wars throughout the Middle East, never hesitating to use military force, saber rattling with respect to Iran on behalf of the rogue state Israel which is in violation of 138 United Nations resolutions, threatening nuclear armed Pakistan and referring to Venezuela as a rogue nation.

Most egregious on the domestic front however, according to independent congressional candidate John Murphy, is the use of 700 billion US taxpayer dollars to bailout the wealthiest Americans in the nation; people who knew in advance that if the dangerous game they were playing in order to further engorge themselves with the hard earned money of lunch-box Americans backfired, the government would have to bail them out.

“We are now reaping the harvest sown by Ronald Reagan” said John Murphy. “Ronald Reagan did away with a reasonably functional form of capitalism and replaced it with the thinking of Milton Friedman from the Chicago school. These people even redefined the word ‘freedom’. By ‘free markets’ and ‘free trade’ they meant that the government could make no rules regarding corporate greed, fraud and corruption. Imagine if I were to say, that I should be totally free to put a gun on my neighbor and steal his car which would then become my private property. That’s what corporate America has done under the so-called concepts of ‘free trade’ and ‘free markets’. All of the regulations put on the greed-driven corporate class in the 1930’s to prevent another great depression have been removed and now working Americans are going to pick up the tab”.

Murphy further said that “while the corporations are completely free of regulations, working men and women have so many laws placed upon them that it is impossible for the labor movement to gain a foothold and protect working Americans. Because of the Taft-Hartley law passed in 1947 only 10% of the American workforce has been able to join unions to protect themselves from the onslaught of corporate America and neither the corporate-owned Republicans nor Democrats have made any effort to repeal this most horrendous piece of anti-working class legislation on the books. While the economy has grown 78% in the last 30 years, only 167,000 Americans – less than 1/10 of 1% have become extraordinarily rich while the rest of the American people have experienced no increase in their standard of living since 1973. These corporate criminals shouldn’t be asking for a bailout, they should be asking for bail”, insisted John Murphy.

John Murphy went on to say that “when Ronald Reagan was president the ratio of CEO salary to worker was 42 to 1. Today the CEO makes 426 times the amount of the average employee. The ruling elite have continuously pushed down wages by invoking the bogus excuse of foreign competition and then outsources our jobs to Third World nations. All the while they are sucking the very life out of working Americans constantly reminding us that ‘we’re number one’ then playing one group of demoralized working people off against another. These greedy leeches tell us to blame the tree hugging environmentalists, the welfare queens and undocumented workers for our problems. We are never permitted to hear anyone criticize the ruling elite. Anyone who engages in such criticism is accused of class warfare.

“Now, as if to add insult to injury”, Murphy added “they actually plan to take over $700 billion of our money to cover their bad gambling debts and tell us that it is for our own good! If you believe this, then I have some weapons of mass destruction to sell you along with a bridge in Brooklyn“.

John Murphy added “nowhere are we told that there are other answers to this problem. We have been told that we are going to bailout the 400 most wealthy people in this nation while 1 million Americans will lose their homes in the next few months. These executives will continue to get their golden parachutes and their salaries. The deal that should have been worked out should have been extremely punitive in nature forcing these executives to give back the $20 million plus bonuses they received last year.

“We could have developed an economy and a society that was truly just and met the critical needs of our people. But we have been told that we will work ourselves to death to enrich a handful of people and that we should be content that their wealth will ‘trickle down’ upon us. The wealthy have been trickling upon us and now they are about to stick our face into something even more degrading. How long before we reach our braking point and say we’ve had enough?”

John Murphy concluded saying “we need a taxpayer revolt in this country to free ourselves from this corporate domination. Unfortunately, because five corporations own 11,000 television and radio stations, and another five own 11,000 newspapers and news magazines, we never learn what is really happening to us and never develop the courage we need in order to fight back. This system has even robbed us of our imagination, our creativity and our ability to think and act for ourselves. The neoliberal economics of Ronald Reagan, exponentiated by Bush I, II and Clinton has now created the final incarnation of its monstrous system – state socialism – more frequently called fascism”.

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