Lew Rockwell praises Nader, McKinney, Baldwin

Lew Rockwell says unity among the Green and Constitution parties — in a libertarian direction under Ron Paul — makes sense. The LP, of course, has chosen to sit out the left-right libertarian alliance.

“Let’s not forget that Nader and McKinney are right on far more issues than McCain and Obama, even if all four are very wrong on economics. Ron Paul knows what he is doing. Attacking the Republicrats is vitally important. But on war, civil liberties, the Constitution, etc. Nader and McKinney are allies. See Ron’s magnificent unity platform. Same with Baldwin. All of them, like Ron, have long records of opposing the warfare state, corporate welfare, and the police state – that is, the most important issues today. The enemy is the conservative Republicans, as I said in Minneapolis, not anti-war, pro-civil liberties leftists who want to break up the duopoly. Again, Ron Paul knows exactly what he is doing.”

4 thoughts on “Lew Rockwell praises Nader, McKinney, Baldwin

  1. johnlowell

    Baldwin, Nader and McKinney are to be commended for trying to form an anti-system front. Most hopeful thing that’s happened all year. Barr deserves universal condemnation for attempting to sabotage this first and very positive attempt of anti-system forces to end the agony. We look past Barr to something more authentic.

  2. Comrade Laissez-Faire

    I’ve been advocating for years that the LP and the Green Party put their resources together during presidential election years in particular to put a bigger dent in the Demopublicans. The more third parties, the better.

    Such coalitions are nothing new in a lot of other countries. Back in 2000, the center-left parties of Mexico put their differences aside, including with the center-right PAN to throw out the rascal PRI that had ruled the country with a corrupt iron fist for over 71 years, and it worked.

  3. davyrockett

    As a conservative, I will probably vote McCain, however if it looks like he will lose, I will vote third party for Chuck Baldwin to help make it easier for third parties in future.

    I am already looking to 2010 and 2012, by getting liberty and constitution movement (Ron Paul) candidates into Congress.
    If we could get a hold of Congress, we might have a chance at the White House.

    We need to build our own media, and we need to unify some like minded third parties, dropping the pety issues to the back burner for now.

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