Libertarian Joe Buchman debates Democrat and Republican in Utah US House District 1

The Herald Journal

Incumbent Rob Bishop, a Republican, said his goal in running again is “to lose power in Washington” with more influence given to the states.

Morgan Bowen, a Democrat from Hyde Park, said he’s running in part to help address the national debt.

“I’m looking at this incredibly massive, almost $10 trillion national debt, a country that is in an economic crisis, and it gets worse by the day,” Bowen said. “So I’m here because I’m looking out for your future and my children’s future.”

The Libertarian candidate, Joseph Buchman of Park City, said the federal government is “way too large” and “out of control.”

He added, “In addition to (being) fiscally conservative, though, Libertarians believe that each individual should have the right to self determination … to include things like the decriminalization of the drug war. … We’re incarcerating more people for more victimless crimes here in America than any other nation on earth.”

When asked what the most significant problem or challenge facing the United States today, Bowen said it was the national debt, while Bishop believes it’s the energy crisis, and Buchman described it as a “loss of consciousness” of Americans, with roughly half of their income going toward some kind of tax.

On the topic of the war in Iraq, Bishop said he would never vote for a future resolution of use of force, noting, “I was not in Congress when the actual vote was taken as far as authorizing the use of force. If the United States is to commit itself in any kind of military action, it has to be in full declaration of war.”

Buchman said that “unless Congress is willing to pass a declaration of war, our troops should come home now.” He added, “Otherwise, it’s an unconstitutional act.”

Bowen derailed the “crony capitalism” that he believes was associated with the war in Iraq.

“In my estimation, this war was a political pandering to certain interests,” Bowen said. “There were oil company interests. There were interests by huge corporations … where they want to get a nice, big, fat contract to go in and fight a war.”

In addition, Bowen said he supports “scaling down this war quickly. I don’t want to put our troops in harm’s way.”

Buchman is a retired tenured professor of marketing, received a B.S. in marketing from Indiana University, an M.S. in Management from Purdue, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University. He is currently employed as a Vice-President of The Dream Maker’s Academy, a 30-year old personal development and corporate training company based in Salt Lake City. Buchman previously worked as a visiting professor for Indiana University, a creative services director for NBC’s WAGT-TV in Georgia, [and] as a program director for the George Rogers Clark Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. He is one of 17 Scoutmasters selected by the Great Salt Lake Council for the 2010 National Jamboree in Washington DC. His family includes his wife, Cindy, and four children: Kelsey, an honors student at the University of Utah; Hayley, Kristian, and Anna. Buchman enjoys adventure travel and eclipse chasing. He has climed Long’s Peak four times, has crossed the Gobi from China into Mongolia and is trying to learn Khoemi (Throat Singing). (source).

One thought on “Libertarian Joe Buchman debates Democrat and Republican in Utah US House District 1

  1. ScottieL

    Sadly the (R) and (D) chaps have the history of abuse on their hands. Bush and the (R)’s had years in charge and they charged the bill to us. The (D)’s history of waste is not much better though near the end Clinton looked to actually balance the budget.

    It is time the Libertarians had a shot at this. A true Constitutional / Libertarian candidate would signal a change of heart in the American people.

    We have to stop ruling over each other and stop wasting so much money on frivolous expenses.

    What are our biggest issues??? The economy, foreign policy, and the waste of the U.S govt.

    Please, someone, make it stop!!!


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