Pollina at seven percent in Vermont

A Research 2000 poll of 400 Vermont voters shows independent Anthony Pollina at seven percent. Incumbent Republican Jim Douglas is at 48%, Democrat Gaye Symington 33%.

7 thoughts on “Pollina at seven percent in Vermont

  1. Deran

    7%, super; there’s a winning number! I was looking, but haven’t found, info on any polling re Pollina when he was still the Progressive Party candidate? And I’m pretty certain Pollina did much better when he ran as the Prog Party’s Lt Gov candidate some years ago? I’d also be interested in how his polling was effected by abandoning the PP?

  2. richardwinger

    When Pollina ran for Lt Gov as the Progressive nominee, he got 24.76%. That was in 2002, and he had both a Democratic and a Republican opponent.

  3. Trent Hill


    They offered to let him run for Lt. Governor (as a Progressive or Ind or Dem) and not run anyone against him.
    Still—Lt. Gov and Gov. are entirely different races. I expected to see Pollina polling about 1/2 of what he got for Lt. Gov…but not less than 1/3rd

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