Robert Owens, Independent candidate for Ohio AG, polls 13%

Robert Owens, who has been endorsed by the Libertarian, Constitution, and Reform parties of Ohio, is running as an Independent candidate for Ohio Attorney General in Ohio. A poll was done recently by SurveyUSA which put Mr. Owens at 13%. This has stirred up some press in Ohio.

CLEVELAND — The race to replace Marc Dann as Ohio Attorney General includes an independent candidate who is attracting some voters.

An exclusive poll conducted by SurveyUSA and WKYC-TV shows independent candidate Robert Owens with 13% of the vote. The poll of 692 likely Ohio voters was conducted from September 12-14.

Leading the race with 44% is Democrat candidate Richard Cordray, currently Ohio’s Treasurer. Republican candidate Mike Crites has 33% of the vote. Crites is a former US Attorney who prosecuted Pete Rose.

The SurveyUSA Channel 3 News poll showed another 10% of likely Ohio voters still undecided, making a projected winner impossible at this time.

My sources, who are not connected to the campaign, have told me that Robert Owens has raised over $100,000 and has a strong grassroots base. Owens is currently on a fundraising push, his website can be found here.

One thought on “Robert Owens, Independent candidate for Ohio AG, polls 13%

  1. Susan A. Thompson

    Robert Owens is a man that respects and will defend the U.S. Constitution. He also is a true right to life candidate. He is also a staunch defender of the 2nd and 10th admendments. He is the first candidate I put up a yardsign for. OWENS for OHIO AG.

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