Green Party Congressional candidate Dennis Spisak: green jobs programs work across the country, why not Ohio?

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As Green Party Candidate for Congress in the 6th district, I have read reports of Green Job programs springing up all over the country. Why not Ohio? Why not the 6th District?
Is it because Charlie Wilson is told what to do by the coal lobbyists?

What is the rest of America doing?

Last year another group founded by Jones, the Oakland Apollo Alliance, along with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, secured $250,000 from the city of Oakland for a program that trains youth in jobs including installing solar panels and weatherizing buildings.

Los Angeles established a Green Career Ladder Training Program to link low-income people with jobs from green investment by the city.

In Milwaukee, a private program known as Milwaukee Energy Efficiency, or Me2, aims to funnel up to $500 million of private capital into residential and commercial building retrofits. The funds will be paid back over 10 years in energy savings, split between lenders and program participants (i.e., building owners).

In Chicago, a Greencorps program trains participants, including ex-offenders, in four tracks: landscaping and urban gardening, computer refurbishing and recycling, household hazardous waste handling and home weatherization. The city has promised to hire 5,000 to 10,000 people in positions constructing, designing and auditing green buildings. And with two megawatts of solar power generation, city officials say they have the most municipal solar power outside the Southwest. With “green-washing” rampant among corporations and politicians in this day and age, it is worth reserving some skepticism until these programs actually show significant results.

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One thought on “Green Party Congressional candidate Dennis Spisak: green jobs programs work across the country, why not Ohio?

  1. Ross Levin

    This guy might have a good showing. Some demographics in Ohio were polling as high as 11% for Nader, and in part of Ohio Nader was polling 10% overall.

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