John Murphy, independent for Congress in PA’s 16th, asks for help

In a recent email to his supporters, independent congressional candidate John Murphy made a desperate plea for help. He is trying to put out newspaper ads to reach 106,000, radio ads, and automated calls to reach 50,000 voters, he said. And it would all cost $8,000, with close to $0 currently in the bank.

Plus, he offered a free John Murphy construction hat to the first $200-plus donors!

Below is the email:

Hi Everyone,

Well, so far my campaign has gone really well this year considering the economy. And what’s really amazing is that the momentum just keeps building. I’ve got all kinds of volunteers – high school kids, people in their 80s; it’s super! …. And it’s great knowing that I can get out a message that people really care about like:

  • Getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Universal single payer health care
  • Eliminating the federal income tax for people making less than $100,000 a year
  • developing secure sustainable jobs by investing in infrastructure and alternative energy sources
  • I did so well 2 YEARS AGO I drove the old Democrat candidate out and they’ve gone with a guy they’ve given minimal support. If you’ve seen any of the three debates, you will conclude with everyone else that I came away the clear winner. Even people who heard my interview on Christian Radio (WDAC) said they will vote for me because of my position on the economy.

    Two years ago I was only permitted to participate in one debate. This year I got into all three of them. I’ve received a mountain of e-mail and loads of telephone calls from well-wishers. I have been interviewed by every radio and television station and all of the newspapers have covered my campaign. I’ve been invited by Berks County Community Television (BCTV) to comment on the election returns through the night.

    We could never get this kind of message out during the year. It takes a congressional election campaign to get this message out at the local level. Ralph and Cynthia are doing a great job at the national level but the message must be carried through here at the grassroots.

    I‘m going into the last 10 days of the campaign and I want to saturate the local radio stations with commercials – that’s pretty inexpensive; I want to put an ad in the Shoppers Guide which will put me into 106,000 households for only two thousand bucks. I’m going to make 50,000 automated calls (thirty-five hundred bucks). I don’t make those calls in that annoying fashion. In fact my automated calls are only delivered to voicemail or answering machines that will not interrupt people. That whole push will only cost about $10,000. I really need you to come through for me. I can’t do this without you. I know times are tough. Hell, in the last month I lost a third of my retirement funds, so I know what I’m asking you.

    Keep in mind that this is not simply a local congressional race. What we do here together in the sixteenth district takes on NATIONAL dimensions.

    With your help I can really hammer the Bush clone I’m running against. Can I COUNT on you to HELP ME OUT with a two hundred dollar contribution? Even a hundred dollars will help. I need your help so we can start dealing a death blow to these corporate politicians. I can guarantee that you will not feel bad about contributing to something that you really believe in but you could end up hating yourself if you let this last opportunity slip by. Don’t let this last opportunity slip by. Please help me out.

    You can make your contribution very simply by going to my website. You can use any kind of credit card or you can use PayPal. You can bypass PayPal (it’s just a portal then) and use your credit card directly. Please go to: Don’t put it off till later. I need your help right away. This is the 11th hour. Don’t let this last opportunity slip by.

    In Solidarity,

    John Murphy

    P.S. Along with Ralph Nader, Howard Zinn and Mike Gravel, I have been endorsed by two conservative radio broadcasters! A Libertarian and a Republican! They were willing to overlook my “liberal positions” because of my strong positions on returning our civil liberties, my opposition to the Federal Reserve and NAFTA and demanding the return of our troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and the other 127 nations where they are being quartered at taxpayer expense. The Democrat cannot command the respect or vote of thepaleo conservativeRepublicans, Libertarians and Reformers. I can. With your financial support you can exponentiate the power of all of all of my achievements in the last nine months.


    (Full disclosure: I’m a supporter of Murphy’s and I’ve been volunteering for his campaign. I’ve also spoken many times to Murphy.)

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