Minor party candidates in Alaska

If you’re voting in Alaska this November – or voting by absentee ballot for candidates in Alaska – what are your minor party and independent options? I have tried my best to compile a list here. Feel free to point out what I’ve missed in the comments. Also, if you compose a list like this for your own state, I would be more than willing to post it.

Another thing you should know is that these are all the offices and candidates I was told about and looked up myself. If you can find anything for offices like school board or county commissioner or anything else I left out, let me know and I’ll update the entry.

President (statewide race, nationwide options):
Ralph Nader, Independent
Bob Barr, Libertarian
Chuck Baldwin, Constitution

US Senate (statewide):
Bob Bird, Alaskan Independence
David Haase, Libertarian
Ted Gianoutsous, Independent

US House (there’s only one Congressional district in Alaska, so this race is statewide, or “at-large”):
-Don Wright, Alaskan Independence

State Senate:
-District C: Rosemary “Rory” Schneeberger, Independent

State House:
-District 20: Scott A. Kohlhaas, Libertarian
-District 31: Daniel DeNardo, Alaskan Independence
-District 33: Kelly Wolf, Independent

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