New video from John Murphy, independent candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 16th district

One thought on “New video from John Murphy, independent candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 16th district

  1. Ross Levin

    I got this email from John Murphy today:

    Hi Everyone,

    Here’s a five-minute video I made.

    It was produced by public television station WITF in Harrisburg. As you know the campaign has no money and hence cannot buy the airtime for viewers to see this presentation. It was seen twice however courtesy of public television and I received many positive comments by telephone and e-mail. I also received nothing but positive comments on the two-minute commercial filmed by ABC 27 which only aired twice. By campaign volunteers speculated that although Joe Pitts has $500,000 if we could have raised only $50,000 and produced commercials like this professionally I might actually have a shot at an electoral victory.

    We are going into the last two weeks of the campaign. We are in desperate need of funds. We have no literature for our volunteers to hand out and we were hoping to at least put advertisements in the “Community Courier”. That little shopper’s paper would put us in 106,000 households for just $2000! We still really have an opportunity to get our message out but we can’t do it without at least a little bit of money. If you can afford $100 or $200 please go to right away and help us take a big chunk out of Joe Pitts sent down the road we will be able to stop corporatism in its tracks.

    Here’s an example of some of the e-mail messages we receive simply as a result of our lawn signs. We didn’t even have enough money to put lawn signs up this year! Thank God I was able to reclaim 1800 of the lawn signs I purchased two years ago. Strange. People say they would like to have a truly independent, progressive candidate but most are reluctant to even part with $100 or $200 to help bring about that.

    It takes guts to support somebody know will not be elected. The words of Albert Camus continued to inspire me: “To live as if our choices make any real difference in the long run may be the act of a fool, but to live as if they do not, that is the act of a coward.”

    The subject of this e-mail message was “Glad I Found You”. I added the highlighting.

    Hello Mr. Murphy

    I found your independent banner off of route one and old Baltimore Pike. I’m just now reading and learning about you and have much more to read but so far it seems that most people running independent are against the wall street bail out and other solid views in regards to our constitution and the anti-Iraq war effort. These two parties that have total media coverage keep talking about change but the only real change I see is with the independents. Never the less I’d like to bring it to some peoples attention, even with this short notice, that you are running for congress. Do you have any kind of good documentation that can be printed with your stances or anything that would be a good read for people who may not know who you are or what you stand for? I’d also like to stay in contact as I’d like to find more independent thinkers that are either running or in congress currently.

    fighting to get america back!

    Thomas K.

    But I have nothing to send him. I ran out of literature months ago. I have lots of well wishers but no one wants to throw away money on a candidate who can’t get elected even if it means that a truly progressive message can be sent to tens of thousands of voters. Help me in my last two weeks. I am exhausted – walking the streets has been the only way for me to get to the voters. Please help me out. Please go to

    and donate $200 or even $100. Without your support, I am helpless and my campaign is immobilized.

    In Solidarity,

    John Murphy

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