A new third party to be formed in Watertown, Connecticut

An article in the Town Times – of Watertown and Oakville, Connecticut – revealed the plans of former Watertown city council member Dick Wick to form a third party. Dissatisfied with the vetting process for city council candidates of both Democrats and Republicans, Mr. Wick decided that he needed to form his own party. And this one will exist, at least for now, solely for the purpose of electing at least three members to the Watertown city council.

According to Wikipedia, Watertown is a town of roughly 22,300 situated in western Connecticut. According to Wick, its city council was dominated by “puppet politics.” To solve that problem, he has decided to have a meeting on December 9th for anyone interested in helping the new party or running for city council as a member of it. The meeting will be held at 7 PM at the Thomaston Savings Bank.

For more information, the full article is here.

8 thoughts on “A new third party to be formed in Watertown, Connecticut

  1. Libertarian Joseph

    What about a party that doesn’t have a platform only exists to gain automatic ballot access and runs full slates of candidates? Can one create a party like that?

  2. rdupuy

    I agree, about naming the party after him, allthough I’m not sure of the exact implementation.

    But somehow, what sprung into my mind, they should name it the Wickipartia …that sets up the newsline, According to the Wikipedia the Wickipartia is a small 3rd party located in Watertown, Ct.

    Or maybe just Dick Party….I don’t know, I’m torn on this one.

  3. rdupuy

    certain appeal to that, but its not clear how that names the party after Dick Wick, or ….waitaminute, is that a slam?

    Do we have a dissenter already…OK, its official, the Dick Wick Party has already split down the middle…the Dickets and the Wickets, simply can no longer afford to tolerate each other.

    You’ll just have to elect 1 1/2 city council members on your own.

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