Alaska Independent Bob Bird calls Globaloney

By Bob Bird, via

Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, has been a controversial and outspoken critic of Global Warming. He is about to step into the EU presidency, as per the regular rotation, and the world press, eager to ridicule and denounce him, is beginning to swarm.

In the midst of this, world public opinion is starting to demonstrate that the fraud of global warming is beginning to tear apart at the seams. Just barely perceptively, but rest assured that within 6 months to a year, “global warming” will be forgotten, ignored, or be fodder for SNL jokes. Just like Acid Rain, Y2K, Nuclear Winter and the Antarctic Ozone Crisis.

People are starting to realize that carbon taxes, green “sacrifices” and the like mean: cold households, unemployment, sick children, emptying communities. And the cry from impoverished, “third-world” countries has also been ignored that “global warming” initiatives suffocate their ability to emerge from poverty.

We are reminded about how our newly-elected US Senator Mark Begich said that “Alaska is at ground zero” in the global warming crisis.

Klaus is hard to analyze through the world press as to what his true core beliefs are, so we can only guess that a man who has had this much courage, and is about to be demonized on a mega-scale, must be a person who actually seeks truth and wants to serve the interests of his people and nation.

But, we could be wrong.

However, wouldn’t it be great if he was President of the US? After all, being a foreign-born citizen apparently is no longer an impediment for that office.

Vaclav Klaus, 2012!

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