An Activists’ Guide to Election Day: Make sure all votes are counted, after the polls close

Bev Harris, of Black Box Voting, said the following about results tapes (which need to be posted outside a polling place after the votes are tallied):

1) These documents should be available within 45 minutes of poll closing.

2) It is perfectly legal to video or photograph any of them. They are a public record, and must be copied for the public when requested. Problem is, they are expensive to copy because they are so long. They are like cash register tapes that are several feet long. Also, if we wait for someone to copy them, they can provide counterfeit copies, as they did in Volusia County in 2004. So it is much, much better to videotape them while still at the polling place.(or second choice, digital photos).

Generally they are supposed to be affixed to the window or door or whatever, and left there until the next day. However, sometimes people (illegally) try to steal them so the quicker people get to the polling place after closing, the better.

3) Some is better than nothing. If we get some but not all, it will be best to upload them to a private area that I can set up for you and your volunteers. That way, when they print out the aggregated results they will have no way of knowing which polling places you collected evidence on.

I will be doing this with a video camera, then uploading the results to my computer and posting them on Black Box Voting’s forums in the section for the county and state where I live. Please join me.

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