Georgia Libertarian endorses Democrat in Public Service Commissioner runoff

Via Ballot Access News

Georgia voters vote on December 2 in two partisan run-off elections, for U.S. Senate and for Public Service Commission. In the Public Service Commission race, neither the Democrat nor the Republican had polled 50% because of the presence of the Libertarian nominee, Brandon Givens. On November 17, Givens endorsed Jim Powell, the Democrat. Givens’ press release says, “After speaking with Powell, I’ve discovered that he too has the vision for a new system that would allow for both a free market in energy and a growth in green technology. He also shares my strong opposition to ex-parte communications, the behind-closed-doors dealings between PSC members and the industries they are charged with regulating. He will stand up for transparency in government. I strongly encourage all voters, Libertarian and fiscally conservative to vote for Jim Powell.”

As far as is known, the Libertarian in the other run-off partisan race, Allen Buckley for U.S. Senate, has not made any run-off endorsement. The run-off for U.S. Senate is between Saxby Chambliss and Jim Martin.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of November 17 has this op-ed by Mathematics Professor James Wiseman, urging Georgia to use Instant-Runoff to avoid December run-offs in the future.

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  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Thanks sir. You’re a good libertarian.
    May God’s curse be on criminal joe Lieberman, and castigate the Democratic Party for not punishing him more, amen.

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