Green Party hopes to elect four state legislators across the country

From Ballot Access News:

The national Green Party hopes to win up to four state house seats this year. In Arkansas, Richard Carroll is favored to win. In Minnesota, Farheen Hakeem is well-known in her district in Minneapolis and formerly polled 14% for Mayor (in 2005) and 33% for County Commissioner (in 2006).

In Arizona, Kent Solberg, running in Tucson, has qualified for public funding and has been endorsed by Tucson’s biggest daily newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star.

In Illinois, Ante Marijean has been endorsed by both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune.

2 thoughts on “Green Party hopes to elect four state legislators across the country

  1. Trent Hill

    Good for the Greens! The Progressives believe they are going to maintain there 6 seats and maybe gain one or two, The libertarians have a possibility of knabbing up to 4-5, and the CP has one in Nevada that looks promising.

  2. Michael Gilson-De Lemos

    In general one should start with elective seats that cover a low to moderate number of voters. My experience is state house candidacies are in general a strong place to start along with appointive advisory boards, and cer tain Soil and Water board seats..

    Different states have different environments, however. California Congressional seats as I recall actually cover less people, while in NH districts have about 1,000 voters and so cover fewer voters than many e.g. city council seats.

    Typically several runs are needed before people even notice you. Persistence and supoort-building are key, and this seems to be what the Greens are doing.

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