Two Libertarians each get over one million votes

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The last time any minor party or independent candidate (for office other than president) received as many as 1,000,000 votes was in New York in 1970, when James Buckley received 2,179,640 votes on the Conservative Party line. But on November 4, 2008, two Libertarians each polled over 1,000,000 votes. They are John H. Monds for Georgia Public Service Commissioner (who had only a Republican opponent) and William Bryant Strange for Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, place 9 (who also had only a Republican opponent).

5 thoughts on “Two Libertarians each get over one million votes

  1. G.E.

    Scotty Boman got 76,000 votes…. More than 3 times the votes that Bob Barr received in the state. Unlike other top Libertarian vote getters, Boman had lots of opponents — Green, CP, and Natural Law, in addition to the Dem and Repug. Boman got 3 times as many votes as the ’06 senate nominee and far more votes (nearly double) as the 4th place candidate.

  2. JimDavidson

    Would I be mistaken in thinking both candidates with over a million votes lost their races?

    There are two races we cover on the front page of today which were run by the candidates we endorsed, or so I’m told.

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