Update: Change in Nader’s schedule

Earlier, I posted independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader‘s schedule. There has been a change in the event on November 2nd in Maryland:

Sun. Nov. 2nd, 1:30pm
Nader for President 2008 Rally
College Park, MD
University of MD- Colony Ballroom (STAMP) Student Union Room 2203
Campus Drive College Park, MD 20742
Suggested Contribution: $10/ $5 students
(504) 319-9312 or events@votenader.org

4 thoughts on “Update: Change in Nader’s schedule

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Please Oh God, erase some of the votes of the Republicans and the PIG Naderites, amen, in order to bring full glory to your holy office, the Democratic Party, and help it bring about the holy democratic socialist Christian Islamic Buddhist world dictatorship, amen.

  2. Mary

    Hoping and dedicated for working for Nader’s causes (our causes) in whatever way I can. I have been in contact with Sally from Seattle and from the Oregon Progressive Party.
    I have never been around a more honest man than Ralph. I was at the 2000 Convention and it changed my life and I gained so much knowedge and have watched the things happen that Nader talked about, if we didn’t change things Thank you.

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