Write-ins counted in Conneticut

Write-in votes have been reported in Conneticut:

Baldwin 287
McKinney 53
Calero 40
Moore 18

Baldwin got more than 2.5x the other register write-ins and about 18.6% of what Michael Peroutka got in 2004 as a ballot listed candidate. McKinney recieved only .55% of the votes ballot-listed David Cobb recieved in 2004. Roger Calero, running in 2004, got only 12 write-in votes, so he more than tripled his write-in votes. Michael Badnarik recieved 3367 votes in 2004 as the Libertarian Party candidate, but Bob Barr was neither ballot-listed, nor a qualified write-in candidate this year.

8 thoughts on “Write-ins counted in Conneticut

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    So I guess write-ins have to be registered, so nothing for Clinton, Paul, Romney, etc.

  2. gls

    I wrote-in Baldwin/Castle even though I really wanted to write-in Ron Paul. I’m glad I didn’t though because at least my protest vote was counted, and Baldwin was a decent surrogate for Paul.

  3. JimDavidson

    Folks, I think there is something pathological about the fact that we care about write-in votes this much. Not saying that I don’t care, because I am very interested. Just saying it seems like we’re sick.

  4. citizen1

    If anyone knows of anyone in CT that voted for Baldwin, McKinney or the other two write-ins and there are no write-ins for that candidate recorded in your town contact the green party or me at concernedcitizens@juno.com or (860) 997-1249. Also if you were told by a state, town, or election official that you could not write-in a candidate or that it would not could also contact one of us.

  5. Zeleni

    I think there’s an obvious reason McKinney received so few votes (not to say votes were necessarily counted correctly). Nader was on the ballot. I voted McKinney since she was on my ballot. If she wasn’t, and Nader was, I’d be tempted to vote for him instead since the vote would be more likely to count and make a bigger statement. I’m sure a lot of voters went into the booth, saw McKinney wasn’t on the ballot, and voted Nader.

  6. citizen1

    The Green Party has about 2 dozen people who say they voted for McKinney but there is no vote showing in their town. Also there were people in both the CP and GP that were told that they could not vote write-in or that it would not be counted.

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