Alternative presidential candidates’ total funds raised

On its PaperTrail blog, the Center for Public Integrity summarizes the amounts raised by major and alternative presidential candidates in 2008. Independent Ralph Nader’s total receipts were $4,502,680; Libertarian Bob Barr $1,383,681; Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin $261,673; and Green Cynthia McKinney $198,658.

Other candidates’ funds raised are available online. Among the notable third-party candidates, America’s Independent Party candidate Alan Keyes raised $465,765, Party for Socialism and Liberation nominee Gloria LaRiva $24,231, and Socialist Brian Moore $9,516.

16 thoughts on “Alternative presidential candidates’ total funds raised

  1. darolew

    “America’s Independent Party candidate Alan Keyes raised $465,765”

    That’s more than Baldwin and McKinney combined… that’s surprising.

  2. Trent Hill

    My thoughts:

    Baldwin raised the lowest of a CP campaign, EVER, I believe.

    Keyes’ numbers include his GOP campaign, which wasnt all that short. It started prior to Iowa, and didn’t end until May 20-something.

  3. Trent Hill

    Oh—and although Imperato may not have had the millions he claimed…he did self-finance almost $80,000

  4. rdupuy

    well it doesn’t suprise me about Gravel, he had some enthusiastic support during his run for the Democratic nomination.

    I’ve said it on TPW during the campaign, Chuck Baldwin was a weak candidate for the CP. Which was controversial considering the Chuck trolls hanging out there all season.

    Secondly I said before, on posts all over the internet, as I was basically trying to drive down Ron Paul’s popularity level…but I posted far and wide that his support was worthless.

    It was worthless in terms of votes, worthless in terms of financial support.

    I remember it was hot and heavy, all the people saying Bob Barr had made a strategic mistake in dissing Ron Paul…and I believed he had lost nothing.

    The estimates were that he just gave up 500,000 votes and untold money…and I said, he gave up nothing. nothing. nothing.

    OK, I’m tooting my own horn, but anyway….who cares, this is the time to gloat.

    Chuck Baldwin did not raise any significant funds, did not do that great on vote totals, and frankly, thats not the story, the story is just how much Ron Pauls endorsement was worth…nothing.

  5. Trent Hill


    I think you’re posting on the wrong thread for those sort of assertions. Despite raising 600,000 less dollars than Peroutka ’04, Baldwin outscored the CP record by about 20,000 votes (and that was with missing two big states for the CP, California is worth 20k or so, PA about 10k).
    He outpolled Peroutka by 50-60k votes.

    Id say the Paul endorsement was worth quite a bit. Had the CP been on the ballot in PA and CA—two plasces it had been on the ballot every year til now–it would’ve polled at least 230,000 votes.

  6. JimDavidson

    It looks like Nader was better at raising money as well as better at gaining votes. Kinda sad. That was true for both of Harry Browne’s run at the presidency, as I recall.

    I wonder, though, about dollars per vote, or votes per dollar. That would be an interesting metric. Just roughly, it looks like Nader spent about twice or more for every vote he got compared to Barr.

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