Constitution Party of Kootenai County, Idaho opposes US Constitutional convention

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12 Dec, 2008

“They” Have Nearly Accomplished the Coup d’Etat

While our media has been entertaining us with car chases and O. J. Simpson, an effort to steal our country has nearly been accomplished. It is the 11th hour and the need for action is truly urgent.

An Article V Constitutional Convention has 32 of the 34 states needed to convene. There hasn’t been one since 1787. Why? Under Article V, regardless of the pretext given for a Con Con, once it’s convened OUR CONSTITUTION CAN BE CHANGED IN ANY WAY THE DELEGATES SEE FIT!

Under this scenario it is possible the confiscation of our firearms and the obliteration of all other civil liberties could be carried out while RIGHTOUSLY FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION! The changes to the Constitution would only be limited to the character and imagination of the delegates of the convention.

I’ve been paying attention and this one nearly got by me. How is that possible?

If cynicism hasn’t rendered you comatose check out the links and scream bloody murder.

First watch this video:

Go to this page for a list of the Ohio legislators to contact: (They’re about to vote on this in Ohio. If it passes that’s state #33 of the 34 needed for an Article V Constitutional Convention!)

Clay Howard
Constitution Party Vice Chairman, Kootenai County

4 thoughts on “Constitution Party of Kootenai County, Idaho opposes US Constitutional convention

  1. scooterbird

    Perhaps I’m just a it confused by this, but isn’t the Constitution Convention mechanism…*in* the Constitution? Specifically, Article V?

    If you would object that strenuously to anyone following a built-in Constitutional remedy in order to amend or modify the Constitution itself, can you say that you are in favor of the Constitution – to the point of naming your political party after it?

    Or is “the Constitution” simply being used as a buzzword to allow one to wave one’s gun around, regardless of whom it might point at?

  2. The Grand Pooh-Bah

    The concern is the Communist Party…goes by the accepted name “Democrat Party” in public, is now in control of congress and so to be the white house. We will have a true Marxist as the most powerful man in the world.

    The Supreme court doesn’t have the guts, or they were paid off, to uphold the constitution in regards to Illegal Alien Elect Hussein’s eligibility based on our Constitution.

    The Patriot act was sold to the sheeple as a tool to fight terrorist abroad yet it strips any citizen of due process for any crime at the will of a tyrannical government.

    The citizenry has made it clear they are against corporate and wall street bailouts yet our “so called” representatives have ignored the will of the people.

    Yeah we should be very nervous when the corrupt powers in DC start to discuss a Con-Con. It would likely trigger the end of the Constitution that has protected us from the government for several centuries.

    Our Constitutionally Limited Republic will never survive if we continue to allow the current trend to continue. The Congress and current administration is already trampling on our Constitution and if they get a Con-Con they will make it legal.

    You bet I’m a gun toting, Bible clings Constitutionalists. But be assured if I point my gun it is not the result of a random act as described by “scooterbird”

  3. paulie cannoli Post author

    Not amended. Trashed and replaced completely.

    The last time “we” had a “con con,” we went in with the Articles of Confederation and came out with the Constitution.

  4. Bill Walker

    I suggest everyone involved actually learn the facts about an Article V Convention before passing judgment. You might begin by realizing those who tell you there are only two states to go don’t know what they are talking about.

    The public record is clear on the number of states that have applied for a convention and the total number of applications. The number of states: 50; total number of applications: over 650. As admitted by these authors that means Congress must call.

    You can read all the texts of these applications at only one site in the entire Internet and here also you can learn the truth about an Article V Convention which is it is not the threat these people say it is. The site is

    Learn the truth. Spread the word.

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