Illinois Green Party Congressional Candidate Alan Augustson seeking FEMA administrator position

Press release from the candidate

Green Party Congressional Candidate Alan Augustson (IL-05) has disclosed that he sought an appointment from the Barack Obama Administration to the office of Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Augustson, 44, an economist, statistician and management consultant, cited a “need to be up front regarding any outside contacts, or attempted contacts, so that Green Party supporters can decide for
themselves” whether any conflicts of interest existed.

In a series of face-to-face discussions and online forums with members of Green Party locals including the North Side (Chicago) Greens, the Chicago Area Greens, and various party discussion groups, Augustson stated that he has lobbied President-Elect Obama, along with Gov. Janet Napolitano (D-AZ), his designee to head the Department of Homeland Security, and Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL-05), Obama’s designee for Chief of Staff, who defeated Augustson in the November elections.

Augustson stated for the record that he has initiated contact with these officials, “directly, through the Transition Team channels and by encouraging others to write letters of recommendation” in support. However, he said that he has not spoken directly with anyone and is not certain he is under consideration at all.

“Absolutely no money was offered, promised or even mentioned,” Augustson laughed, referring to current allegations centered around Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D). “If I’d had any money, I surely would have used it on the campaign,” Augustson said. “I have absolutely nothing to offer except results. It would be amusing, though, to see whom else would even want the job.”

In 2005 Augustson served on subcontract to FEMA Headquarters in Washington, DC, as a data analyst and advisor during and after Hurricane Katrina. He has also participated in emergency operations and exercises as a firefighter and medic in Virginia, and as a Communications Sergeant
with the Virginia State Guard.

“I have specific, workable, and aggressive measures in mind to remedy FEMA’s dysfunctions and restore the public trust,” Augustson said. “Whether or not I’m under consideration, I hope that I’ll have a chance to share these ideas” with the Obama Administration.

He did not give details of these plans, stating that “that is not the purpose of this discussion. I will say that there are functional, structural and cultural changes involved.

“The purpose here is to offer Greens and other supporters full disclosure of my other activities, that they may decide for themselves whether I’m to be their candidate in the Special Election” to replace
Rep. Emanuel.

“My politics are what they’ve always been,” said Augustson, “but my motive is to do the maximum possible good. If I can do that in Congress, fine. If I can do that in the bureaucracy, that’s fine too. The results are what matter.”


Alan Augustson is an economist, statistician and management consultant living in Chicago. He is running for Congress for the Green Party, on a platform centered around job creation, through the expansion of mass transit and aggressive alternative-energy and infrastructure investment.

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Alan Augustson
Green Party Candidate
U.S. House of Representatives
Fifth District of Illinois

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