Socialist Workers Party mayoral candidates kickoff campaigns in NYC, LA

Two Socialist Workers Party members are launching mayoral campaigns in major cities in preparation for looming 2009 municipal elections:

NEW YORK—The Socialist Workers Party here has nominated Dan Fein, a sewing machine operator, as its candidate in the 2009 mayoral race. James Harris, a union meat packer, is the SWP candidate for mayor in Los Angeles.

The two SWP candidates are calling for workers to take political power out of the hands of the capitalist class in order to defend themselves from mounting layoffs; cuts in transit, health care, and schools; greater assaults on workers rights; and the consequences of Washington’s expanding war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While the linked article focuses on Fein, Harris is perhaps the more notable candidate, having been the SWP presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000, as well as standing in for 2004/2008 nominee Róger Calero in those states where constitutial ineligibility prevented the later candidate from ballot access. Harris was the first candidate to file and qualify for the LA mayoral ballot.

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