Val Kilmer eyes a gubernatorial bid, but is off to a bad start

Actor Val Kilmer is thinking of running for governor in the state of New Mexico.  The Associated Press reports that he is a Democrat, but he endorsed Ralph Nader in the 2008 presidential campaign and helped his campaign.  Politico also had Dean Barkley comment on the potential run for governor:

Moreover, “it’s not that hard” for a celebrity to be seen as a serious candidate, said Dean Barkley, who managed some unconventional candidates’ campaigns, including that of Ventura and Kinky Friedman’s 2006 gubernatorial bid in Texas. Barkley garnered 15 percent of the vote last November in his own independent bid against Franken and Norm Coleman.

He thinks Kilmer could have a shot if he spends his time raising money and wooing the rank-and-file Democrats in the state, all while choosing two or three important issues to hammer home.

“Running as an outsider, without political baggage, is a positive,” Barkley said. “Let’s face it. You can’t do much worse today than the political elite.”

Unfortunately, the leader New Mexico’s largest film and television industry union has endorsed the Democratic Lt. Governor of New Mexico, a blow for Kilmer’s campaign before it has even left the ground.  In the grand scheme of a political campaign, though, this could be an insignificant detail.

13 thoughts on “Val Kilmer eyes a gubernatorial bid, but is off to a bad start

  1. LaineRBT

    If Kilmer does indeed run I wonder if he will run on the ballot qualified(thanks to Nader) New Mexico Independent Party.

  2. LaineRBT

    I have yet to read anything specifying whether or not he will run as a Democrat and I have been following this for some time as my family has roots in NM. Most opinion pieces in New Mexican papers have slammed Kilmer for contributing to Nader’s campaign so if anything it would suprise me that he resting his hopes of running for governor on the Democratic ticket.

  3. Andy

    I remember that Russell Means was going to run for Governor of New Mexico back in 2002, first as a Libertarian than as an independent, but then he dropped out of the race. From what I’ve heard there was some controversy surrounding him which lead to him dropping out.

  4. Green Ferret

    If the Democratic establishment doesn’t want Kilmer running as a Democrat, and he’s already been outed as a Nader supporter, why not run as a Green and help build a party that he agrees with?

    Strong third-party campaigns, a la Dean Barkley, are more effective at influencing the political discourse than weak primary challenges are.

  5. Richard

    He’s running as a Democrat, he changed his party affiliation last year before voting. He said he voted absentee for Obama while filming in Bulgaria.

    The Green Party has been all but dead in New Mexico for years.

  6. Andy

    “The Green Party has been all but dead in New Mexico for years.”

    I was in New Mexico in 2005 and I saw the Green Party have an outreach table set up at the University of New Mexico in Alburquerque. I’ve heard that the Green Party in New Mexico had a candidate in the last election that got over the vote threshold to retain ballot status, but that the New Mexico gov is claiming that the vote threshold only counts for President and not for lower level offices, so the Green Party of New Mexico is supposed to be filing a law suit over this.

  7. harbinger88

    New Mexico Independent Party is in fact a legal entity in the state of NM having achieved the required amount of the vote during the Nader/Gonzalez campaign. This is a party with no ties to any national organization and is solely dedicated to working to elect candidates who will work for social and economic justice, environmental protection and progressive values. We welcome Val Kilmer.

  8. CHUCKtheFED

    I don’t know anything about Val Kilmer’s politics, but I see him in his role in “Masked and Anonymous” and grin.
    Is “Garbage Warrior” architect Michael Reynolds still building in New Mexico?

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