Election Officials in Kentucky Arrested for Allegedly Fraudulently Changing Votes

from Ballot Access News
County Election Officials in Kentucky Arrested for Allegedly Fraudulently Changing Votes on Vote-Counting Machine
March 19th, 2009

On March 19, several Clay County officials were arrested and charged with various federal crimes involving elections and election returns. Among those arrested were the Clay Circuit Court Judge and the County Clerk. See this story from Bradblog. According to Bradblog, Clay County uses ES&S iVotronic vote-counting machines, which leave no paper trail.

Some of those arrested are Democrats, and some are Republicans. Clay County in November 2008 voted McCain 5,710; Obama 1,552; Nader 54; Barr 26; Baldwin 22.

4 thoughts on “Election Officials in Kentucky Arrested for Allegedly Fraudulently Changing Votes

  1. Larry West

    Rural Kentucky counties have a lot of people who have their voting address as “General Delivery” in spite of the fact that the law requires all addresses to have physical addresses because of the Emergency-911 phone number.
    Most of those indicted were Democrats, including the head of the county Democratic Party.

  2. pdsa

    Larry West – The charge of partisanship in this indictment seems way off target. Do you have the exact party affiliation breakdown of the 8 indicted individuals? There is a 50/50 partisan split on 4 of the 8 indicted. Those who I could easily discern the party association.

    Charles Wayne Jones was the Democratic Election Commissioner, and William E. Stivers was the democrat for Manchester Precinct.

    Freddy W. Thompson is a Republican and Clay County Court Clerk; Paul E. Bishop was the Manchester precinct Republican Judge. Jennings White, a Republican, and Clay County Court Clerk prior to Freddy W. Thompson has already been indicted for election fraud previously.

    William and Debra Morris are owners of a Clay County sanitation company that has contracts with local governments. No partisan affiliation was noted, and would be irrelevant in this context, as it’s clearly a case of extortion for business contracts.

    This was election racketeering by a bi-partisan group of individuals who were attempting to rig the outcome of local elections for their own personal financial gain. Candidates for local office were shaken down for money, to be used for buying votes, and for fattening the wallets of the indicted election officials. The Ballot Access headline excerpt: “Fraudulently Changing Votes on Vote-Counting Machine”, is misleading, because these were not vote counting machines, they were simply voting machines, and many individual voters’ election choices were changed before they had been officially cast with a simple con being played by criminal election officials, who told rube voters that they had completed their vote, before it had actually been finalized, then entered in a preset slate of local picks, and finalized the vote. What’s the literacy rate in Clay County, KY? Can’t they read and comprehend simple instructions? How disenfranchised and poverty stricken is Clay county’s predominately Republican registered electorate, that causes them to be amenable to selling their voter birthright as an American on the cheap to slimy local Boss Hogg politicians? This CNN News video from May 20, 2008 is instructive. I was especially amused by the woman in the diner who first says she was raised in the diner, and then later says she could never vote for HRC because; “It’s The Bible! A woman’s place is in the home” as she munches down on a burger at the diner. (S)he who is without sin…

    Maybe a better correlation than partisanship for the root cause of this despicable criminal election fraud is the fact that Clay County, KY., is a dry county. Radiator moonshine plays hell with brain cells.

  3. Richard B. Cheney

    Reporting I’ve seen so far indicates the Democrats arrested were paid agents of the Republican power struture of Clay County.

    You gotta wonder how many crooked Ky. counties did it take to get Mitch McConnell elected to the Senate?

    I gotta wonder why this isn’t a national story because of that.

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