Socialist Party USA’s VP Candidate Defends Socialism

Stewart Alexander, the Socialist Party USA Vice Presidential nominee in 2008, appeared on the Fox News show “Bulls and Bears” to try and defend socialism. He claimed that “capitalism is a complete failure,” and was met with resistence from the panel, which countered with facts and statistics. Here’s an excerpt:

The 2008 vice presidential candidate of the Socialist Party USA, Stewart Alexander, had a tough sell over the weekend.

Alexander appeared on FOX News Channel’s “Bulls and Bears” Apr. 2 to make the case for socialism. His claim that “capitalism is a complete failure” met with derision from the panel, who countered with statistics, facts and numbers that Alexander couldn’t refute.

Host Brenda Buttner reminded Alexander, “Socialism has been tried in many, many countries. All of them have higher levels of unemployment rates, they, they have uh lower productivity, they have lower standard of living. So where exactly has the success been?”

Unable to produce any socialist success stories, Alexander tried to turn the focus back to the United States as an example of failed capitalism. “Let’s look at the examples ya, you have here in the US. It’s not working,” he insisted, “…I don’t have to look for any examples other than right here.”

You can read the full article here. Source: Business & Media Institute.

17 thoughts on “Socialist Party USA’s VP Candidate Defends Socialism

  1. paulie

    Socialist Party USA’s VP Candidate Tries to Defend Socialism

    I would cut out “tries to” from a news headline, and just say he defends it.

    He claimed that “capitalism is a complete failure,” and was met with resistence from the panel, which countered with facts and statistics.

    Putting his claim in quotes and saying the panel responded with facts and statistics seems one-sided.

  2. Danny S

    I am surprised he wouldn’t use northern europe as an example of an ideological success, if not an economic.

    Or you could try certain traits of France.

    Note, I’m not a socialist at all.

  3. Dave Gillespie

    Paulie, Susan, and Trent are right. The bias was probably unintended, but it is there in the title.

    And Stewart, surely FOX didn’t set him as a joke.
    As it constantly reminds us, it is sooooooooo
    “fair and balanced.”

  4. Stewart Flood

    Of course they did. They call themselves “fair and balanced”, not “fair, balanced and honest.”

    Remember, this was on Saturday morning. That’s when the other channels are playing cartoons.

  5. Libertarian Joseph

    1. socialism doesn’t work. to be fair is not the same as to be inaccurate.

    2. those northern european nations are actually very capitalistics. they rank high on the freedom index that measures economic freedom. in other words, myth

  6. Trent Hill

    “Trent- “on accident”? Why would it not be “by accident” ?”

    It’s a Deep South phrase, I think–though it might be specific to Louisiana. My apologies =) You’ll also occasionally find me saying or writing “Ya’ll”.

  7. Nexus

    Modern socialism is a parasite. It cannot create wealth, it can only feed off and redistribute it. It must have a capitalist host to feed off of or it dies. The Chinese were smart enough to recognize this and now have a thriving economy. Venezuela will have to learn the hard way.

  8. paulie

    “ya’ll” is correct, and only yankees spell it “y’all”.

    The apostrophe stands for missing letters (for example, grinnin’ instead of grinning, ‘sup instead of what’s up, a’ight instead of all right, etc).

    There is nothing missing in you all between ya and ll; there is something missing in between y and ll – y(ou) all.

    There is something missing in ya’ll (Ya will) – Ya (wi)ll.

    A quick search shows lots of southerners spelling it y’all.

  9. Deran

    The problem with Alexander’s defense of socialism is that he is still caught up in the Eugene Debs era SP. This sort of old school socialism isn’t really relevant to the world we live in now. It is unfortuante that Fox didn’t bother with someone a bit more in the rpesensent. Mike Davis is an excellent speaker on socialism, or, better yet, Noam Chomsky or Angela Davis would have spoken with more aplomb and clarity. Mike Davis would have been the best choice for this discussion. He is not a leader of a small socialist sect, and he is pretty much unflapable.

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