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Darryl W. Perry: ‘Obama, Romney and Marriage’

Emailed to IPR by Darryl Perry and posted at Free Patriot Press:

President Obama and presumed GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney have both made public statements about marriage recently. Obama claims that his views have evolved over the years and told ABC News, “At a certain point, I’ve just concluded, that for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”… Read more ...

Rasmussen Polls Again

Last week, Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll that showed Martha Coakley ahead with fifty percent. But the poll failed to make any mention of independent candidate Joseph Kennedy. Now, Rasmussen has a new poll that includes the independent libertarian. The new poll shows forty-nine percent in favor of Coakley, forty-seven percent in favor of Brown, and three percent in favor of Kennedy, with two percent being undecided.… Read more ...

Libertarian Candidates for Congress and State Legislature in California

I recently received an email from Ted Brown, former Libertarian candidate for California’s 26th district, and current secretary of the Foothills region of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County. The email lists six announced Libertarian candidates for Congress, the State Senate, and the State Assembly. These are:

Dr. Randall Weissbuch, for CA-26, currently represented by David Dreier.… Read more ...

Independent Challenger to Keith Ellison Has Strong Feelings About Islam

Lynne Torgerson is running for Minnesota’s fifth Congressional district as an independent, against Democratic incumbent Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress. On Torgerson’s website, she claims that we cannot discriminate against anybody on the basis of religion, race, sex, etc, but she goes on to declare that Islam is not a religion protected under the First Amendment.… Read more ...

LP Monday Message: Here’s how to Run for Office

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I want you to run for office.

You may have already responded to my call to run for office and asked me how to go about it. Don’t take it personally if I’ve failed to respond to any of your questions. I’m getting more and more emails, so the percentage of people I can respond to personally is going down.… Read more ...

Libertarian Victories on November 3rd

From the LP blog.

The following Libertarians won their elections on November 3:

Karen Richardson was re-elected to the City Council in John’s Creek, Georgia.

Roger Fritz was elected Mayor of Roland, Iowa.

Bill Lynn was elected as an Alderman in Davenport, Iowa.

Nick Taiber got 46% running for City Council in Cedar Falls, Iowa, so he advances to a runoff on December 1.… Read more ...

Republican in NY House race suspends campaign

Dierdre Scozzafava, Republican candidate for New York’s 23rd Congressional District in the special election this year, has abruptly suspended her campaign amidst plunging support, saying it would be the best thing for her party. The race is now between Democratic Party candidate Bill Owens and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman.… Read more ...

LP Monday Message: Libertarian candidates on November 2009 ballot

October 26, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

This coming November 3 is Election Day in many places throughout the U.S. Since it’s an odd-numbered year, there are relatively few races. Nevertheless, dozens of Libertarians are on the ballot for various positions.

While you may not live in a place with a Libertarian on the ballot, perhaps you’ve got friends or family who live where one of our Libertarians are on the ballot.… Read more ...

Libertarians endorse the “Approve” Referendum 71 position

The Libertarian Party of Washington has endorsed Referendum 71, which would extend domestic partnership rights. The party is encouraging it’s members to approve the referendum in November (?).

“The children of gay and lesbian couples are entitled to equal protection, as well. Discrimination against the gay and lesbian community is also discrimination against their children.”… Read more ...

LP Monday Message: Reagan Not Serious About Cutting Government, Says Redpath

September 28, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

During the 2008 primary, many Republican presidential candidates claimed to be like former President Ronald Reagan. This was apparently intended to mean that they supported small government. I recently listened again to this speech promoting free enterprise, which Ronald Reagan gave in 1977 (before he was elected president).… Read more ...

Libertarians Try to Come to University of Richmond

A political science major at Virginia’s University of Richmond is trying to bring a new perspective to the university’s political organizations, with Students for Liberty, a libertarian group. The organization has over a hundred twenty-five chapters across all fifty states, and promotes the libertarian philosophy of social and economic freedom.

But there is a problem.… Read more ...

Now a Libertarian, Daryl Brooks Seeks Assembly Seat

Daryl Brooks and Charles Green, two newcomers to the Libertarian Party, have announced their candidacy for New Jersey’s 15th Assembly District. They are challenging the Democratic incumbents, and run on a platform of education and prison reform.

You can read the full article here. Source: The Trentonian.… Read more ...