West Virginia Libertarian Party kicks off ballot access drive

Posted in Donny Ferguson’s blog at LP.org:

Message from the Libertarian Party of West Virginia:

The LPWV has just kicked off our 2010 and 2012 ballot access drive. This will require some 20,000 total signatures state-wide. This isn’t cheap, and we need your help! Our petitioning team is on the ground right now in Morgantown collecting signatures for our candidates for the 44th district state house of delegates, Monongalia county commission, and other state and national offices. We also have many other candidates from around the state lined up who need your help.

After successful lobbying efforts by Libertarian Party activists, we recently passed a bill which cuts in half the number of valid signatures required to get our candidates on the ballot, so there’s never been a better time to attain ballot access in WV. We expect to attain major party status here beginning in 2012, and it all starts here, now, and with you!

Please help us ensure that voters have a Libertarian choice. Consider donating generously at http://www.lpwv.org or by mailing a check or money order payable to LPWV to:

P.O. Box 4428
Star City, WV 26504

Contributions to the LPWV are not tax-deductible. Please include your full name, address, and phone number.

Posted to IPR by Paulie. Disclosure: I am the “petitioning team” on the ground in Morgantown.

Personal note: My internet access is almost non-existent here – it involves over an hour walk each way up and down hills to the town library, for a maximum of one hour a day online, and it has been raining almost every day. Please do not send emails or expect me to see comments here, but do feel free to give me a call – I have unlimited minutes every day at any hour: (415)690-6352.

32 thoughts on “West Virginia Libertarian Party kicks off ballot access drive

  1. paulie Post author

    Saw that one, despite the disclaimer.

    Any US resident can help by sending a donation.

    If you don’t have any money, ask someone who does – help spread the word.


  2. Trent Hill

    “I have no internet connection. I have to walk 3 miles in the snow, uphill both ways, to get dial-up”


    Thanks for all you do Paulie.

  3. Ross Levin

    Yeah, libertariangirl, I’m not sure I can read this because it’s an LP-related press release that doesn’t sound like Republicans wrote it.

  4. tab

    You are definitely doing things the hard way then. I’d suggest taking the bus that runs regularly by the hotel and will drop you off right down town.

    But yeah, the hills definitely suck. That’s why there aren’t all that many overweight people in Morgantown.

  5. libertariangirl

    Anybody in WV know Chris Azzaro . He used to be E.D if the Nevada LP and founded the VERY successful Libertarian Victory Fund as well as managed the James Dan campaign.

    He moved to WV , I beleive Morgantown some 6 yrs ago.

  6. libertariangirl

    ok just between me and you if you meet him , court him , and then get the Libertarian Victory Fund donor list!!

    then of course share it with me…

  7. mdh

    @5 – OK, I have to be honest here. I wrote it and sent it to Donny.
    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  8. mdh

    Uhhh, I’ve met Chris Azzaro. He was a member of my Ron Paul meetup group. I had no idea he was a former LP guy.

  9. libertariangirl

    are you kidding , he was Mr. LP . He was executive director , at our most successful time ever , was the manager of the James Dan campaign , still one of the most successful LP campaigns for the state assembly , and he founded the Libertarian Victory Fund , still one of the most successful pacs entirely for LP candidates ever.
    he did have some personalproblems which is why he moved from Vegas perhaps he just gave the whole LP thing up.

    if you run into him again , tell him there are LP members in Nevada who still remember all the great things he did

  10. libertariangirl

    well at least Donny proved if someone sends him content hell post it. I think thats our cue to all send him stories . Perhaps if we give him enuf content he’ll quit writing his own

  11. libertariangirl

    get him involved in your access drive . the guy is brilliant , he raises money good . Ive often thought if i could have my dream team , he’d def be on it .

  12. tab

    I might stop by and see if he is there tomorrow. Sounds like somebody we should definitely have active in the party.

    We could always use another good person who is good at fund raising. Especially right now.

  13. Andy

    This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that the Libertarian Party has candidates on the ballot in West Virginia in 2010 and 2012. One of the STUPIDEST things that minor parties do is put off ballot access petitioning until the last minute. This is one factor that caused the Libertarian Party to FAIL to get on the ballot in 5 states and Washington DC in 2008. West Virginia is one of the states that the Libertarian Party failed to get on the ballot in for the 2008 election so I URGE everyone here who cares about the Libertarian Party to send a donation to the LP of West Virginia and so we can make sure that the ballot access FAILURE that occurred there in 2008 is not repeated.

  14. mdh

    Bob Barr’s campaign ran a failed petition drive in WV in 2008. The LP did not run any petition drive in 2008, and the LPWV only formed in late 2007 and had no candidates for 2008.

    The failed drive was run by the Barr campaign. They didn’t turn in enough valid signatures by the deadline.

  15. mdh

    That said, this time, it’s my show. I’m running it myself, entirely under the auspices of the LPWV.

    I had no personal involvement in the Barr campaign’s debacle in ’08, and you can read my story on what happened from my perspective over on Paulie’s blog site, where I occasionally post.

  16. John Famularo

    Calling the Libertarian Victory Fund the most successful Libertarian PAC is a bit of a stretch. It certainly was not a success in getting libertarians elected. It was also not a success in it’s primary mission, which was to provide an income for Chris Azzaro and his partner and mentor Michael (Emerling ) Cloud.(another Vegas car salesman) and Jack Dean. An analysis of 527 IRS reports show that the LVF never achieved a reasonable cost of funds ratio. LVF was also paying Troy Dayton for “consulting” while Dayton was an employee of the LNC, a breach of the LNC policy.

  17. Andy

    “mdh // May 6, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    Bob Barr’s campaign ran a failed petition drive in WV in 2008. The LP did not run any petition drive in 2008, and the LPWV only formed in late 2007 and had no candidates for 2008.

    The failed drive was run by the Barr campaign. They didn’t turn in enough valid signatures by the deadline.”

    Bob Barr was the Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party in 2008 so his campaign was an extention of the party.

  18. libertariangirl

    John I said one the most successful fundraising pacs , one of , although I probably have a lower standard of success than you 🙂

    I dont know of any fundraising pacs getting Libertarians elected anywhere.

    iys primary mission was not to provide a paycheck for Azzaro , that man worked endlessly , you dont know what your talking about.

    The man can raise money period , when he was Nevadas E.D we had more money than weve ever had. And I dont hear you disparaging the Dan campaign , for the State assembly which we lost by less than 200 votes . One of the closest for an LP candidate ever. Azzaro ran that campaign.

  19. Paulie

    OK, couldn’t resist.

    Please, folks, CALL – this is eating up my very few minutes on here. To make things worse, I type with two fingers….

    I have to walk 3 miles in the snow,

    LOL. It’s May, so rain, not snow.

    Matt: I need to get a hold of you – way too many things for email or (UGH!) texting. I’ll try calling again when I get out of the library.

    Tad: Yeah, I know about the bus. It doesn’t always run when I need it though. Today, I walked all the way down here and did not see one pass by me. Last night, I did manage to catch one but I spent a long time waiting for it – probably would have gotten to the place faster if I walked without stops.

    And the hills don’t suck; I need the excercise, badly, as you may have noticed.


    Ok thanks the petitioners ( ecsp. paulie cuz he’s my favorite)


    BTW you can call me late now, since I don’t have to worry about waking people up…tell me a bedtime story or whatever 🙂

    well at least Donny proved if someone sends him content hell post it. I think thats our cue to all send him stories .

    Good idea, and the new CLIPR looks like a good outlet too.

  20. Richard Cooper

    My understanding was that WV is an especially tough state for ballot access with distribution requirements and a bar on participating in primaries if you sign an independent petition.

    As WV is dominated in state and local elections by the Democrat Party this latter requirement discourages signing of independent petitions.

  21. mdh

    Your information is around 10 years old and also wrong in general. The LPWV defeated the primary voting stipulation many years back, and we’re now somewhere around 17th toughest state. We were #2/#3 until last month, when the LPWV successfully lobbied a bill through the state legislature that cut our signatures in half, and also extended the deadline for non-presidential turn-ins.

  22. Echo

    “As WV is dominated in state and local elections by the Democrat Party this latter requirement discourages signing of independent petitions.”

    The Democrat Party? What the hell is that? It’s pretty pathetic when third-party adherents begin echoing Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh.

  23. mdh

    Echo, while Mr. Cooper’s statements were otherwise factually in error, the state does have a vast majority of Democratic Party legislators at the state and local level. There’s nothing wrong with making a statement of fact if it is indeed factual, and at least that part of what Mr. Cooper said is accurate.

  24. Echo

    Except he forgot to call it the “Democratic Party.” It’s not the “Democrat Party.”

  25. Chris Azzaro

    John Famularo is (or was) completely ignorant in his comments. I gave up a six figure income to be basically a full time Libertarian activist for 5 years. We accomplished amazing things for the Nevada party, and winning campaigns across the country. I ran what was easily the most successful Libertarian PAC ever! Plus the greatest membership growth in the country when I was LPN State Director. What did Mr Famularo ever really do for the cause? Thanks Debbie, for the kind words. It’s nice to know that some still remember and appreciate! 🙂

  26. paulie Post author

    Well this is a blast from the past. Famularo died quite a while ago. I did meet Chris at his car lot in WV while I was there, but while I don’t remember the reasons, he wasn’t interested in being involved in raising money for this. LPWV now has ballot access, and better ballot access laws than back then. Last I heard from mdh he left the LP to hang out with anarcho-syndicalists, was involved in protests in Pittsburgh, and later I heard second hand he moved to Missouri. Not sure what ever happened to tab. LG is still around, but sadly we don’t talk near as much as we used to.

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