Independence Party chair to visit Alaska as Palin steps down

Newsday reports on its website that Independence Party of America National Chairman Frank MacKay will be in Alaska later this month when Gov. Sarah Palin formally leaves office. Calling it a “bizarre coincidence,” MacKay said he arranged the trip before Palin announced her decision to resign. He “would not saying who he is meeting with while visiting the state but admits that will be stopping in Wasilla, Palin’s hometown, during his four-day trip.”

MacKay’s party, which claims to have “more than 350,000 members” in New York State alone, backed the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008 after New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided not to run for president.

17 thoughts on “Independence Party chair to visit Alaska as Palin steps down

  1. Donald Raymond Lake

    “a “bizarre coincidence,” MacKay said he arranged the trip before Palin announced her decision to resign —–” .

    Yeah, right, sure, like Frank’s visit to Sacramento and his dropping off a $500 check to John Bambey to pay for his new position as ‘CEO of the Reform Party USA.

    Darn those corrupt Dems and GOP. Thank good ness alternative folk are better than that!

  2. Brian G

    My guess is that MacKay is going to Alaska to fuel speculation about Palin and the Independence Party of America. I’m sure he will grab lots of publicity from the gullible media.

  3. Kimberly Wilder

    Seems like Frank MacKay is a busy guy. Thought I would share this here:

    The Brookhaven Independence Party cordially invites you to attend a fundraiser to honor the late Carol Cris for her dedication and years of service to the Independence Party and her community.

    Keynote guest speaker will be Frank MacKay, Independence Party, State and County Chairperson.

    We will also be honoring Suffolk County Legislator Edward Romaine and 2 other individuals the “Carol Cris Service Award” for their dedication and years of service towards their community.

    Festivities will take place on
    Monday August 17th, 2009 at
    Ladakins located at 714 Montauk Hwy Moriches, NY from 6 to 9 pm.

    RSVP no later than August 7th, 2009 for advance tickets

    For further inquires, Please send an email to:
    Faspats at optonline dot net or

    Brookhavenindependenceparty at yahoo dot com

  4. Gene Berkman

    TPR: The Minnesota Independence Party has affiliated with the Independence Party of America, along with the Independent Green Party in Virginia.

    There is an Independence Party in Florida, running a candidate for Governor this year, but I don’t know if they affiliated with McKay’s group.

    Anyway, Sarah Palin was Vice-Presidential candidate on the New York Independence Party line in 2008. Maybe Frank just wants to thank her for her outstanding campaign. (oh I feel like I just channeled Dondero).

  5. Third Party Revolution

    I know that the Minnesota Independence Party has ballot access, but I am not sure if they have nominated a candidate for president. And thanks for reminding me about the Independent Green Party.

  6. Bryan

    They could make a sequel to the “un-official” biographical movie…title….”Who’s Railin’ Palin”.

  7. Gene Berkman

    TPR @ 9: The Minnesota Independence Party backed Ross Perot in 1992 & 1996 – they became the Reform Party in 1996 – then back to IP in 2000.

    They did not back a candidate for President in 2000, but they sponsored a forum and invited 7 candidates for President. Bush, Gore, Nader & Buchanan all declined, so Harry Browne, John Hagelin & Howard Philips spoke.

    In 2008 they held a convention to decide on endorsing a candidate for President, and decided not to. Minnesota IP spoke for millions of voters in doing so.

  8. Levon Helm

    The Pennsylvannia Reform Party (some of their members have also been Green Party candidates in past years) are affiliated with the Independence/Green Party of America..

  9. Donald Raymond Lake

    Pennsylvania Reform Party types tried to script with the [so called] Third Party Watch. It was an up hill battle from the time I nominated them. Just additional evidence of the skewed attitude of a hypocritical political paradyme.

    As far as Frank MacKay is concerned: watch your back, folks, watch your back!

  10. Donald Raymond Lake

    Cc: “in a bizarre coincidence”
    additional back ground of yet
    another loose cannon ally of
    Frank MacKay, John Blare,
    John Coffey, John Bambey,
    and Valli Sharpe Geisler…..

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, struggling to warn the public about the ongoing failure of veterans programs, not just more lethal, politicized, uncaring programs that create hack patronage jobs, spend taxes in constituent communities, while doing little or nothing for real veterans, their real families, with their real problems…. ..

    “Independence Party Member Likely to be Re-Elected to Suffolk County, New York County Legislature”

    1. Alex Englemann Says:
    July 21st, 2009 at 11:27 am

    I found the following article below most interesting, this bloke, Kumar, now says he is the Chairman of the Reform Party, [“no, no, I am Spartacus, no no I am Spartacus] he has also added another surname as well, while still having his toe in the [so called] Independence and Republican Parties.

    Interesting he has a “record”. I also found it interesting that the article was in a “Indian publication for “Indian Expats”, this begs the question, is this chap a U.S. Citizen or a Dual Citizen? It seems that this cabal of the Blare-Bambey mafia is full of people of questionable backgrounds, they also have a chap out in Nevada who served time for a crime of violence.

    Din, Suleman
    India Abroad

    Bobby Kumar admits he lied about kidnap

    Bobby Kumar, a Long Island community activist and businessman, was arrested
    by Nassau county police August 1 on charges of making false statements
    about his alleged kidnapping.

    Kumar, who came under media focus (India Abroad, July 20, 2001) last month
    after he claimed he was abducted by three unidentified men from a
    restaurant in Syosset, NY, appeared in the First District Court in
    Hempstead on August 2, but was released on his own recognizance and ordered
    back in court on August 20.

    Kumar has been charged with two counts of making a false statement after
    admitting to police the night before that he made up the story of his kidnapping.

    ….. disgraced former GOP power broker Bobby Kumar, who recently returned to the board that operates the Nassau University Medical Center.

    Kumar resigned as board chairman under pressure in May 2001 and a few months later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in connection with the faking of his own kidnapping.

    2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:
    July 21st, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    This has been reposted on reformtalk@yahoogro .

    Give me a call [619.420.0209] or email any time. How is Rodney Martin doing? Still among the breathing? How is Israel First thug John Blare doing? Still among the breathing? Citizens co founder John ‘Any thing for Judea’ Coffey has vaporized [thank goodness]!

    I have no problem with the state of Israel going on for centuries, but I have lots of problems with any American having foreign interest[s] ahead of the well being [and mid course correction] of our self wounded fascist imperial global empire!

    By my mid twenties I had visited Jerusalem thrice and am generally pro Israel but not always pro Israeli government. Israel AND the VATICAN are not infallible —- just ask Yasar Aefat or Galileo!

  11. Northern Exposure

    This guy is SCARY!!! He is in NO WAY associated with the Alaskan Independence Party. His appearance will no doubt further cloud Palin’s credibility and political viability. As others have said, “Watch Your Backs!”

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