Colorado Libertarian chairman appears at forum with state Democratic, GOP chairs

The Colorado Statesman reports, “‘Election 2009,’ a unique project sponsored by Business Leaders for Responsible Government,” recently “kicked off its series with a panel discussion among the chairs of the state’s Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties.” Colorado Libertarian Party Chairman David Williams’s remarks are printed in detail.

Williams began by saying, “Barry Goldwater said, ‘It’s okay to disagree without being disagreeable.’ That’s something I try to live by and do my best to live up to. Some of my best friends are Democrats and Republicans, so it’s possible. Now, having said that, it’s great to be up here with the two leaders of the two parties that are in control of the state, because we know who’s responsible for our current mess.”

3 thoughts on “Colorado Libertarian chairman appears at forum with state Democratic, GOP chairs

  1. Aaron Starr

    Based on my reading of this article, I can state without reservation that David Williams did an admirable job representing us at this event and I’m appreciative that he has done so.

    Aaron Starr
    Libertarian National Committee

  2. Mik Robertson

    David Williams did a fine job! Although, I imagine he called corporations legal fictions rather than legal factions as the article says.

    He represented the LP credibly, giving the impression that it is an entity that can work with others to accomplish tasks. The more people who see the LP as a credible political force, the easier it will be to affect change.

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