Is NY’s Working Families the Rent Is Too Damn Low Party?

In New York State, the Working Families Party[WFP] is a third party with automatic ballot status. The WFP is among some third parties which have been criticized for using the “fusion” approach a lot, ie: cross-endorsing major party candidates instead of running their own candidates.

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Is Working Families the Rent Is Too Damn Low Party?*

posted by Ian Wilder

Quotation from City Hall article:

Erratic Reported Rent Payments From WFP Mark Last Decade

Average of just $1,486 per month for offices, one check for rent written to “401 K PMTs”

The Working Families Party may have worked on behalf of New Yorkers struggling to make ends meet while dealing with the city’s famously high rents, but the party has apparently not had to worry much about its own rent payments. Over the last 10 years, the party has reported paying just $178,376.90, or an average of $1,486 per month for an office space that now contains space for its 15 full-time employees and a base of operations for the 142 employees of Data and Field Services (DFS), the secretive for-profit company the party owns.

A review of the Party’s expenditures in public documents filed with the state Board of Elections over the last decade which were reported as rent shows an erratic pattern of payments made to several different landlords, and none marked as going directly to Flatbush Fulton Realty Associates, the owner of its current space at 2 Nevins Street in Brooklyn. Some years, the WFP appears to have paid no rent at all, based on the data filed with the Board of Elections.

* Ed. note: In 2006, an independent candidate for NY governor ran in the Rent is Too Damn High Party.  The Board of Elections removed the word “Damn” from their name.  – Ian Wilder


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  1. paulie

    I think if the damn case is resolved in favor of damnation, I’ll see whether my new Taxes Are An Infected Woundfuck Party will fly as well.

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