Green candidate’s petitions rejected in Rochester

Alex White, the Green candidate for mayor of Rochester, New York, will not be on the ballot this November. White submitted 1,576 petition signatures; 1,500 are needed for ballot access. After a challenge by the Monroe County Democratic Committee, 415 of White’s signatures were declared invalid. Democratic Mayor Robert Duffy will now be unopposed on the ballot.

8 thoughts on “Green candidate’s petitions rejected in Rochester

  1. Robert Milnes

    TPR, No., I blame the Green party first. They could have managed to help the candidate get more signatures. & I blame the candidate second. Then I would blame the democratic party. But you can’t really blame them for playing hardball politics & the Green & Libertarian parties don’t.

  2. Robert Milnes

    I told them exactly how to win. No action, jackson. So, keep practicing losing, Good Losers. Practice makes perfect. Maybe achieve perfection! The Perfect Losing Parties.

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