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Van Jones a possible Green presidential candidate?

The Washington “insiders” publication The Hill reports on its website that the Green Party has invited Van Jones, who resigned this week as White House Council on Environmental Quality Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, “to join their ranks, possibly as a future presidential candidate.” Green Party activist and former Santa Monica, California, mayor Mike Feinstein said, “Like the Greens, Van Jones sees green jobs and a healthy environment as interconnected pillars of a sustainable and just economy. We encourage Van to bring that agenda into the electoral arena as a Green Party member, leader and possible future candidate, either nationally, statewide in California, or locally in Oakland, his home.”

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  1. paulie paulie September 15, 2009

    What was so great about McCain?

  2. Larry Velasco Larry Velasco September 15, 2009

    Let’s hope the formula that got Barry Soetoro Hussein elected won’t happen again. We, as a nation and great country can not afford that. It was the biggest farce ever. Too many ignorant takers involved. We have to open our eyes and take back this country. People who feel they have been taken advantage of have to realize almost every ethic group has been ridiculed or decriminated against in some way or another. It’s time to let it go and work together to build this country back to what it started out to be. No more self-interest and greed. Your new government is a bunch of greedy, ignorant, takers and criminials. They are the ones to be ivestigated. Most of them have some kind of record for not doing the things all of us do as a routine. Barry Soetoro Hussein has surrounded himself with a bunch of, in my opinion, loosers, ignorant, arrogant and do nothing people. Mr Wilson was correct when he called out, LIAR, at Barry. He is a LIAR. If I was Wilson I wouldn’t apologize to Barry. Screw him and his people. The guy is an imposter. Concerned AMERICAN,
    Larry Velasco

  3. Larry Velasco Larry Velasco September 15, 2009

    Van Jones as president. Way Worse than Barry Soetoro Hussein. Van Jones is a Communist, a racist and just a plain jerk. We don’t need anymore of his kind in politics. We have enough of them in there now. The whole Obama administration is a big problem. Doesn’t matter if you are Demo. or Rep., we all lost when Barry Soetoro Hussein was elected. He is a BAD man. He definately has his own agenda and it doesn’t include the all of the people of the United States. He has his pet people for sure and whites aren’t included in that mix. I am Hispanic, maybe he is for my people, but I don’t want or need the little jerk. He is not my president. I didn’t like the donkey Clinton either. Has nothing to do with race. I just don’t like liars and deceitful people. They both were. We will find out that Barry is not the guy. He will be found out for what he really is.
    Concerned AMERICAN,
    Larry Velasco.

  4. Dave Schwab Dave Schwab September 13, 2009

    Van Jones is a visionary who understands how we can solve our economic and ecological crises at the same time.

    Join the call to draft Van Jones for governor of California:

  5. paulie paulie September 13, 2009

    Sarah Palin, David Hasselhoff and Lindsay Lohan’s ex Samantha Ronson are to ‘appear’ in a new Sarah Palin-related porn film – they’ll be played by X-rated stars.

    Otto Bauer will play Hasselhoff and Sara Faye will play DJ Ronson in the sequel to Hustler Video’s hit parody Who’s Nailin’ Palin?

    In Hollywood is Nailin’ Paylin, Palin look-alike Lisa Ann will attempt to break into Tinseltown after losing her bid to become America’s Vice-President.

    She meets the fake Hasselhoff, Ronson and magician Criss Angel (Alan Stafford) as she auditions for a role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and plans a brand new talk show and reality show, called America’s Next Top Governor.

    The sequel starts shooting in California next month.

  6. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 13, 2009

    There needs to be more hot right wing women governors, I say.

  7. paulie paulie September 13, 2009

    Yes, this is just a retelling of the original release by The Hill. I posted it primarily because it’s interesting that it got some “Beltway” coverage.

    Yes. But it seems to me that The Hill added something that was not in the original — “presedential.”

  8. The Last Conservative The Last Conservative September 13, 2009

    Robert Milnes wasn’t nearly as disruptive as Catholic Trotskyist.

    But they are right that there needs to be a complete restructuring of politics, and Van Jones can’t do that. No political candidates are worth supporting, because the whole election system is the problem. We need to return to true conservatism; the feudalist monarchist system, particularly the type that was practiced in England in the 12th century, reaching its height under King Richard I in the 1190s. President Obama should surrender all sovereignty to the British monarch, who will then take over its rightfully-owned government. Soon, all political freedom will be gone, and the true society will be there.

  9. Zeleni Zeleni September 13, 2009

    Is there anyway to automatically filter out future president Robert Milnes when reading the comments?

  10. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 13, 2009

    The only reliable base Obama has (IMO) is black liberal democratic men. He alienated women by stealing the nomination from Billary. He has alienated the progressives by backpeddling on many of the issues important to them e.g. anti-war etc. Reagan/bluedogs supported Billary & only supported Obama after the nomination out of party loyalty. Republicans are actively antagonistic. Libertarians do what republicans tell them. So who is left? The strategy/formula that got Obama elected will never happen again. Kind of like 9/11. If an American plane is ever hijacked again, esp by swarthy Arab types, the passengers will counterattack, just like Flight 93; realizing it is probably a suicide mission. He may very well not get renominated or if renominated, not reelected.

  11. Dave Schwab Dave Schwab September 13, 2009

    “Wow, they got so bent out of shape just because Van Jones wants an INVESTIGATION into 9/11?”

    Yes. You see, Washington DC is an insane bizarro world, where reasonable people are treated as crazy, and crazy people are treated as reasonable.

    Glenn Greenwald has an excellent article on that topic, based on a Politico article about “crazy” people in the Republican and Democratic parties that used members of Congress who spoke out against the Iraq War as examples of crazy Democrats:

    If you think Van Jones doesn’t have a base, you’re missing the whole point of the uproar. Van Jones is beloved by environmentalists and progressives around the country for his awesome work with Green For All. His firing comes down to Obama slapping his liberal supporters in the face to appease right-wing political terrorists.

    If you look at the people losing trust in Obama, it’s independents and liberal Democrats – a potentially lucrative situation for Greens in the next two election cycles. If we can recruit one of the few decent people from his administration, and one who he treated as badly as his liberal supporters, that would be a major coup.

  12. Deran Deran September 13, 2009

    A) Milnes; no one pays any attention to your blather.

    B) I hope van Jones, and Cynthia McKinney for that matter, wise up and realize the national GP is a wreck not worth salvaging. There are several viable state GPs, but the national is a train wreck run by the same small clique since 2000.

    Now, if the P&F national move, or the fledgling Progressive Party really gets active in more states, those would be more viable national alternative parties than the national GP.

    C) Mr. Milnes, you really are bound and determined to scuttle any discussion of real alternative politics with your endless, repetitious posts abt the Lib/Grn alliance nonsense that is going to nominate you for president.

  13. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 13, 2009

    paulie, @12, agreed. I didn’t mean that the ONLY thing being said by closely chosing Obama over Billary was that they were not quite ready for a woman president. But MAYBE part of it was. & that may extend to all parties. And/or all/most voters. It is not necessary for the Progressive Libertarian Alliance to challenge or try to defy this possible tendency. So we should not. Having a woman vp on the ticket says enough for now. IMO. We need to WIN. Fighting an unnecessary battle lessens that chance.

  14. W is a 911 terrorist W is a 911 terrorist September 13, 2009

    Wow, they got so bent out of shape just because Van Jones wants an INVESTIGATION into 9/11?

    I guess some people must have a lot to hide!

  15. paulie paulie September 13, 2009

    MAYBE, when the democratic party chose Obama over Billary, knowing who they chose would probably win, MAYBE they were saying they weren’t quite ready for a woman president.

    I think maybe they were saying that they thought Obama was a more inspiring speaker. I’d say that maybe they thought he had better policies, but I’m not sure anyone knew what his policies were, including Obama. Not everything is about gender, even in the DP.

  16. paulie paulie September 13, 2009

    I posted the full press release part of which is quoted by the Hill (if II read that right). While the press release invited Jones to be a Green Party member and possible candidate, it said nothing whatsoever about presidential candidate. That bit of speculation was an after-the-fact addition by someone else in the journalistic food chain.

  17. citizen1 citizen1 September 13, 2009

    Maybe the Communist Party USA should invite him he has said that he is a communist. He also would only use the green agenda as long as it was used to push his communist agenda.
    His equivocating on 9-11 Truth also show that he is one of those people who when they actually get power won’t stir the pot against the globalists.

  18. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution September 13, 2009

    I don’t think that the GP is ready to nominate him in 2012. Maybe in 2016.

  19. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 13, 2009

    & what about the issue of MAYBE, when the democratic party chose Obama over Billary, knowing who they chose would probably win, MAYBE they were saying they weren’t quite ready for a woman president. That they would prefer to choose a black man over a (white) woman. & so MAYBE it would be a mistake to put the woman at the top of the ticket despite how open mined YOU or I or we are about it, our subconcious minds notwithstanding. Oh…you already fully considered that & still would like to give McKinney another try? Because that is the custom of the past & we should stick with the past because it has gotten us so far?

  20. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 13, 2009

    Kimberly, so, nothing I have said has affected your thinking? Blind, knee-jerk support for McKinney because she ran before & should try again? Oh…and who in this well thought out plan are you proposing as vp? Tom K.? Oh, well, that is good. What other fusion ticket possibilities have you come up with? How many other small case greens have you discussed this with and/or recruited? Because the clock is ticking & there is a lot to be done even if we have somewhat of a good idea of what we’re actually doing and a plan so we don’t fumble or even space out 2012 completely, & lose again, right?

  21. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder September 13, 2009

    (Oops, I guess I can’t say “we” as “Green Party”. But, I am a “lower-case” green. And, will probably be supporting Cynthia if she runs for Prez next time.

  22. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder September 13, 2009

    I think it would be interesting to bring Van Jones into the Green Party.

    Though, I think it is premature to recruit him as a Presidential candidate.

    One would think that with Cynthia McKinney having run a good race, that the greens would lean towards running her again.

    That doesn’t mean no one else could be considered. But, perhaps we should try recruiting people more for other positions.

  23. Fred Church Ortiz Fred Church Ortiz September 13, 2009

    Won’t be better, can’t be worse.

    My understanding is that some of Sacramento is buried. It’s a shame they didn’t stick with that.

  24. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 12, 2009

    The formula that worked for Obama won’t work for Jones. Obama relied on democratic liberals like Kennedy & Kerry to propel him up into state & U.S. Senate. Then deliberate fuzzines on whether he is a liberal or progressive during the campaign getting progressive support & benefit of the doubt. Liberals, progressives & eventually virtually all blacks got the nomination narrowly. Then the rest of the democratic party-Clinton blue dogs-had to support him out of party loyalty. Here Jones’s past as a bona fide leftist weeded him out of the democratic party. He’ll never get the support of liberals now. Obama already has the black vote. & the green/progressive vote, although formidible (27%) without the black and libertarian vote, cannot get a plurality.

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