Eugene Platt to run for state House in SC as a Green

Eugene Platt, the only elected Green in South Carolina, will be running to represent the 115th district in the State House of Representatives.  He is currently on the James Island Public Service Commission, and ran for the same House seat in 2008, but was thrown off the ballot.  He ran in the Democratic primary, and because of that it was ruled that he could not appear on the general election ballot as a Green.  Ballot Access News explains what happened:

Platt had tried to run for the legislature in 2008. After the Green Party had nominated him at its convention in April 2008, he had also run in the Democratic primary. Because he lost the Democratic primary, his nomination by the Green Party was voided by the State Election Commission. He and the Green Party are currently in the 4th circuit, arguing that the state law that permits such retroactive disqualification is unconstitutional. South Carolina does permit two parties to jointly nominate the same candidate, and is the only fusion state that says one nomination can be jeopardized if the candidate tries and fails to win a second party’s nomination.

If elected, Platt says that his first priority will be ending South Carolina’s “Right to Work” status.  He claims that this will allow unions to more easily organize and grow.  Other positions include opposition to capital punishment and making sure that state college tuition does not increase more than inflation every year.

In a press release, Platt said that he expects a Republican and centrist Democrat to run against him.  He brands himself as a “progressive Green.”

The Charleston Post and Courier carried a story on Platt’s announcement:

James Island Public Service District Commissioner Eugene Platt said he will try again next year to win the state House District 115 seat, but will run as a Green Party candidate this time.

Platt lost the 2008 Democratic primary to current District 115 Rep. Anne Peterson Hutto, and later lost a court challenge to remain on the November 2008 ballot as a candidate from another party.

Platt said that if he was elected, he will fight for working families by ending South Carolina’s status as a “Right to Work” state, a move that would make it easier for labor unions to form here.

H/T to Green Party Watch.

42 thoughts on “Eugene Platt to run for state House in SC as a Green

  1. Stewart Flood

    I’ve met the Republican who says he’ll be running in that race. He’s a rookie, which means the R’s aren’t going to be serious about it.

    While the LP doesn’t currently have a candidate for that seat, we do have Libertarians who’ve run for office before who live in that district.

    Maybe we can make this a four way race. That would be interesting!

  2. Robert Milnes

    No, what would make this race interesting would be if the LP said since a Green is already on the ballot, we support the Green. We are supporting The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. The vote would be about 40% Green, 30% Democrat, 30% Republican. -IF the campaign was run correctly.

  3. Stewart Flood

    Support a Green? Support Eugene Platt? Which one of the dozens of completely anti-libertarian positions that he holds do you think we could possibly support?

    There is no possible way that I or any other member of the Libertarian Party in Charleston County could possibly support his candidacy. The only place in the world where a “Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy” exists is in the echos bouncing around inside Mr Milnes’ empty skull.

  4. Third Party Revolution

    We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Eugene Platt in his campaign for South Carolina State House District 115, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nationwide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  5. Robert Milnes

    Stewart, but maybe somewhere in this country there is a Libertarian on a ballot & the GP would reciprocate & not run a competing candidate & instead support the lib & coordinate the combined vote & push 40% & win by plurality. Maybe? Or does your knee always jerk like that?

  6. Robert Milnes

    Stew, the greens sort of endorsed Daggett the ex-republican epa official as Dem. Gov. Corzine’s environmental record is lame, kind of like him after his auto accident. But that endorsement is lame, so maybe the Greens could be talked into endorsing the Libertarian, Ken Kaplan. Maybe?

  7. Robert Milnes

    It would kinda be like a lame guy, a cripple. But if his lame left leg could help his lame right leg & vice-versa, maybe he could get up & walk right. Sorta. Did you follow that, um, Stew?

  8. Ross Levin Post author

    Robert, could you do me a favor and try to just post one comment at a time? It pushes other people off the “recent comments” list if you post a bunch of thoughts all at the same time as different comments.

  9. VAGreen

    TPR, it probably is. It’s hard to have a Green Party thread here without it being hijacked by Milnes or Cavlan.

  10. Maria

    This “Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy” is intriguing. Could you tell me more Mr. Milnes?

  11. Robert Milnes

    Maria, sure, I’d be glad to. But first, how do I know while we’re conversing, someone isn’t getting behind me kneeling down then you push me? I learned that the hard way in first grade.

  12. Robert Milnes

    Ok, everybody! This is a hijack! Oh, I’m already hijacking…never mind. What I mean is, does anyone have a 1980-1991 series Ford chassis motorhome for sale to me or donate? The worse condition the interior the better because I plan to have my 4 unneutered, un claw removed male cats in there with me! It could double as my campaign vehicle. I moved into my van but it is too cramped. I need more room! I’ve been looking online but most are too expensive-about 7-10,000. There was one listed on in Bastrop, Texas for $2500 & the interior looked pretty…customized. But I’ve been unable to contact the seller. My small inheritance should be coming soon. So I could afford maybe 3-5000 cash.

  13. Robert Milnes

    Ross, I suggest we get more traffic in commenters. Preferably people who are going about the urgent business of implementing The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy for the upcoming election. Instead of the usual trolls who endlessly debate minutia of libertarian theory & going on and on about what’s wrong with the LP. & paulie’s usual comments have been missig also. I’m not complaining about that though. It was getting old, constantly being badgered by bad logic by him. Ross, you there? Watching my every keystroke like the feds?

  14. Ross Levin Post author

    Actually it’s just annoying when you post a bunch of comments at the same time. If you want more people interested in the PLAS you get them. I’m doing my best to get more people here.

  15. Dave Schwab

    Robert, I think the point is that your habit of leaving strings of 5-10 comments on every thread is discouraging dialogue on IPR. Share your point of view, by all means, but don’t be the guy at the meeting who won’t let anybody else talk.

  16. Robert Milnes

    Dave Schwab, that’s right, exaggerate to try to make a lame argument look better. I do not post on every thread. Far from it. & yes, sometimes I post 3,4,5 maybe in a short time on one thread. But so what?
    There is NO bar to anyone posting at any time. I’m nothing like the guy at the meeting that won’t let anyone else talk. Go ahead, bring it on. Anybody say anything you want on any thread. That’s always been my policy, which is
    IPR’s policy. Not even my position on paulie, who tries to bully me here involves anything like that. I usually try to reply to his nonsense when it comes to pro Ron Paul crap or anti PLAS crap. So, screw you, Schwab.

  17. Petra Jenkins

    Glad to see another Green Party candidate running.

    Greens are doing important work.

    Hope to see 435 Green Party candidates on ballot in 2010 for House of Representatives and Green Party candidates on the ballot for all 33 U.S. Senate races.

  18. Scott West

    Robert Milnes should be put on an IP address watch for this site.
    He does hijack threads.
    I haven’t posted lots of times because whatever I wrote would come at the end of a long string of irrelevant mini-posts.
    No one reads Milnes posts.

  19. Joan Jett

    Did you see the Great Green Party post about
    Malalai Joya the Green Party woman in Afghanistan.

    “Bravest Woman in Afghanistan”..

  20. Dave Schwab

    Milnes is entering into troll territory by clogging threads with his ranting and becoming abusive whenever anyone criticizes his idea – or just for no reason at all. I don’t know if IPR disciplines trolls… from what I’ve seen, probably not. And don’t get me wrong, I think anyone who is being a d-bag should get fair warning before getting moderated. Just saying, if you want to encourage any sort of constructive dialogue here, you have to set some standards.

  21. Stewart Flood

    You can only have an alliance with someone that you share at least some common beliefs with. From a libertarian perspective, many greens, including Mr Platt, support statist and socialist positions that run completely counter to our beliefs.

    I fully understand that someone who is a socialist believes that his or her political positions are correct and that libertarian principles are not. That’s just human nature. But that does not mean that I would ever consider supporting a socialist agenda such as the one that Mr Platt puts forward.

    The only thing about Mr Platt’s candidacy that I support is his right to run for office. I do not agree with his political beliefs, and I hope that he may someday realize that socialism is not the answer. I support his right to promote his beliefs only as long as he does not use force or fraud. I will not do anything to help him further his agenda.

  22. Robert Milnes

    Ok, let’s just recap here. Picture this: I have presented a well thought out proposal here; a strategy to TRY to win- to people who almost certainly will lose-BIG. Not just close. NO CONTEST virtually. Very few even have expressed any interest in trying even though all they have to lose is to lose. Also I and a precious few others have identified Ron Paul as NOT A LIBERTARIAN, but actually a counterrevolutionary. Yet he gets 35 million in contributions. I get ZERO. The precious few get very little support. I complain; get criticized. I offered to campaign the rest of the time for the Green & 2 Libs in NYC & the Lib for NJ Governor if I get some support. Nothing. Also if I get some support I offered to go, to Pittsburgh. Nothing. To box in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt the President & previous President. Nothing. Yet Ron Paul & Bob Barr & Wayne Allan Root get all kinds of support. I’ve been criticized for my posting at IPR. Borderline censorship attempts. Did I cover it pretty much? What is wrong with this picture?

  23. Alex92

    My main complaint in my personal race relations is that sometimes black people seem to be quiet and shy in predominantly white groups. ,

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