Onthewilderside blog says, “Democrats and Republicans are both anti-choice: Vote Green Party”

Posted at onthewilderside.com. Based on a national Green Party press release:

Greens blast the anti-choice Stupak Amendment in the Democrats’ health care bill, predict voter anger and defections from the Democratic Party over the amendment

Green Party leaders today called the Stupak Amendment in the recently passed US House bill on health care reform a disaster for women’s reproductive rights and a betrayal of the Democrats’ stated support for women’s rights and well-being.

Many Greens foresee growing anger among Democratic voters, especially women, and possible defections from the Democratic Party over the amendment.

The Stupak Amendment to HR 3962 states that any health care plan purchased with any federal subsidy cannot cover abortion services, even with private funds, and prohibits the public plan from covering abortion care. The amendment will make it more difficult and expensive for anyone to purchase a plan with abortion coverage and discourages insurers and employers who provide health care benefits from affording such coverage.

The Green Party has criticized the Democrats’ health care proposal because it leaves the insurance and pharmaceutical industries in control of health care and fails to provide universal coverage: see “Greens urge defeat of the Democrats’ ‘insurance industry life-support’ bill in the US Senate and call for a rally of efforts to enact Single-Payer/Medicare For All,” press release, November 10.

The Green Party supports full reproductive rights, including uncompromised access to abortion services for women (http://www.gp.org/platform/2004/socjustice.html#998980 / http://www.gp.org/platform/2004/socjustice.html#1012830).

Candace Caveny

Candace Caveny

Candace Caveny, Green candidate for the US House in Michigan’s 10th District (http://www.candacecaveny.org) in 2010 said,

Michigan Greens targeted Bart Stupak’s District One seat in Congress with the candidacy of Jean Treacy, who challenged his opposition to women’s rights, including the freedom to choose. The Stupak Amendment is the sharpest blow against poor women and their rights since the Hyde Amendment. It was proposed by a Democrat and passed by a Democratic Congress. We challenge feminists, feminist and progressive organizations, and all Americans who support rights and equality for women to stop supporting candidates who retreat from these principles, and to vote Green instead.

Greens called the Stupak Amendment a direct consequence of a public debate on health care reform that has been mostly limited to Republican ‘no reform’ versus Democratic ‘faux reform.’

It’s urgent that advocates of universal health care and women’s rights push harder now for Single-Payer. If the Senate version of HR 3962 gets passed with the loss of abortion coverage for women, Americans will soon realize that, along with this serious downgrade in coverage for women, the bill offers only minimal reform overall and creates new financial burdens for many while channeling more taxpayer money into insurance companies’ already bloated profit margins. Poor women and women of color are the least likely to be helped by the House Democrats’ plan and the most likely to suffer under the Stupak Amendment. Unless advocates for Single-Payer reject the Democratic Party bill and continue to fight for real universal health care, the resulting frustration and disappointment among millions of Americans will lead to more power for anti-women Republicans and Democrats.

Democratic Party leaders have made too many compromises on reproductive rights. Greens believe reproductive rights are non-negotiable. Feminism is one of the Green Party’s key values. Until Greens gain seats in Congress and state legislatures and we end two-party control, women’s rights face compromise and repeal.


“Face it: The Democratic Party is not for women”
By Kate Harding, Salon.com, November 10, 2009

“Health Reform: Implications for Women’s Access to Coverage and Care”
Kaiser Family Foundation, October 2009

26 thoughts on “Onthewilderside blog says, “Democrats and Republicans are both anti-choice: Vote Green Party”

  1. jason

    Unfortunately, in this country, when there are “mass defections” from one major party, they simply go to the other major party, hoping that maybe everything will be different THIS time.

  2. Robert Milnes

    “Until Greens gain seats in Congress and state legislatures and we end two-party control, women’s rights face compromise and repeal.” Correct. The next step to vote in Greens & Libertarians and vote out dems & reps is The PLAS Experiment in MA & CA in January. This experiment will be evidence for or against The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. If successful The Strategy can be used in the very next election anywhere in the U. S.

  3. Peter M.

    For the sake of accuracy, it should be mentioned that Jean Treacy was running as a candidate of both the Socialist Party and the Green Party in Michigan, though she was running on the Green Party ballot line. Nevertheless, it’s a very positive thing that there was someone running against Stupak on (among other things) an unambiguously pro-choice platform. Hopefully in 2010 someone will use this issue to run a vigorous campaign against Stupak.

  4. libhomo

    If the Democrats push through an anti choice “healthcare reform” bill, I will vote party line Green in November 2010. I am so sick of militant, anti American fundamentalists abusing the political process to push through their Taliban style political agenda.

  5. Pro-Pot Anti-Pot

    I just talked to my friend, Catholic Trotskyist, who is currently recovering from major injuries. He is injured because he went to Massachusetts to help educate people about the PLAS, but he was attacked and beaten by a Planned Parenthood worker who also happens to be a member of the Protestant Stalinist Party. However, hee will soon get back to his mission to the Vatican, and then, in a couple more months, he will be back posting on IPR.
    He would like to say that he is very happy with the new pro-life anti-choice direction of the Democratic Party. Clearly, he resoundingly endorses the great congressman Bart Stupak and everything he is doing to make sure that abortion rights are taken away forever. He was predicting the advent of this policy earlier this year, which is a true indication of the growth of Catholic Trotskyism, but would anyone listen? No, the crazy losers just laughed at him.

  6. Nate


    So is this proof that Republicans are pro-choice?


    What’s your point? Abortion is not really an issue that has anything to do with the core beliefs of the Republican and Democrat parties. But at some point a majority within each party decided to force their opinion upon the minority in the party, making the Democrats “pro-choice” and the Republicans “pro-life”.

    The fact is that regional differences play a much greater role, New York and California Republicans very often being “pro-choice”, while Biblebelt Democrats are “pro-life”. Officially the parties remain firmly aligned to one view or the other, but when it comes to actual candidates: anything goes.

  7. Kimberly Wilder

    About NY: I think there are a lot of pro-life (anti-woman’s right to choose) Democrats here, too.

    The Catholic Church is very powerful in NY. And, a lot of charities – even left-leaning, immigrant-supporting charities – are propped up by the Catholic Church.

    So, a lot of people otherwise associated with the Left, are pro-life, because they are Catholic or associated with these Catholic charity organizations.

  8. Michael Cavlan


    I am Catholic (Irish remember?) and there has been a long history of tension between “Mother Church” and progressive groups there too.

    One can be personaly pro-life and pro-choice at the same time.

    I am.

    As an aside, many of the purged Nader supporters from the near dead Green Party are very busy organizing right now.

    This is a very exciting time for us. We have lost the baggage of the Green Party. There are a number of things developing right now, as we speak.

    It will be reported on in due time.

  9. Don Lake, Prove Me Wrong ...........

    Michael Cavlan // Nov 17, 2009:
    “Many of the purged Nader supporters from the near dead Green Party are very busy organizing right now….”

    Unlike do nothing West Coast and National Greenies [personal experience in 2005] are the ‘Nova Greens’ or ’21st Century Greens’ going to do any thing concerning their potential alllies —- abused and poorly treated military veterans?

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home
    [founded May 1998]
    POB 2258
    Barstow CAlifornia 92312-2258

    [760] 253-2371
    [619] 420-0209

  10. Robert Milnes

    We know, Michael Cavlan. You are trying to resusitate the Progressive Party. Why do you think it failed, even under Teddy Roosevelt? Because it is SPLIT, man. Present day split is between leftist progressives & libertarians(rightist progressives whether they recognize it or not). So, if Teddy failed, I’d bet you will too. UNLESS you include the libertarians in your plans.

  11. Don Grundmann

    Don Lake – Greens of whatever century; due to their pathetic weakness, hatred of America, and belief in World Government to supposedly stop wars and make everyone sing ” Kumbaya ” ( never mind the world dictatorship that such government would bring ); despise the military and the best that veterans can hope to get from them is warm spit. They will fake it but the underlying total contempt will eventually come out in one way or the other.

    Don Grundmann Vice-Chairman American Independnet Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  12. Don Grundmann

    It is excellent that the Green Party declares itself as ” The Party Of Choice.” I totally agree that they indeed truly are and that it is time for them to ” come out of the closet ” that they are the party which 100%+ believes in the Margaret Sanger/Planned Parenthood Social Darwinist view of blacks as ” human weeds.” Abortion has never been about so-called ” womens rights ” ( the surface excuse ) but has always been about population control; of the war against humanity by the caucasian Plantation Master funders of the Greens, Planned Parenthood, and all of the other anti-humanity front groups to destroy their considered genetically inferior enemies. Even tiny outposts of pro-life within the Democrats or increasing numbers of pathetic weak so-called ” moderate ” Republicans who favor death to the unborn are not enough for the foaming-at-the-mouth death to children believers who can never get enough shredded children for their satisfaction. So GO GREENS!!! Show your true beliefs!! Don’t hide anymore!! Support death, child mutilation, and genocide ( seeblackgenocide.org ) openly and be PROUD of it!!!

    Don Grundmann Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  13. Lou Novak

    So, we got another nut case ranting against the Greens on IPR.

    I’m not sure where the trend is, nut cases or anti-green.

    Say hello to Brian and Michael for me, will you Don.

  14. Don Lake, Prove Me Wrong ...........

    Donald Grundmann or Donald Lake [hello, hello!] ??????

    If it is former Peace and Freedom member and Reform Party activist Don Lake, then the ranting is from either multi documented sources or personal experience[s]!

    Greens having problems ?????? Their worst enemy is their sloppy illogical disingenuous [so called] leadership —– not that the Deform Party is any better ………..

  15. Don Grundmann

    ” So, we got another nut case ranting against the Greens on IPR. ”

    Response – Lou : I can be claimed to be a ” nut case ” but no one can dispute the facts of the Social Darwinist foundations of the abortion industry in America, the philosophical/religious/eugenics/anti-black/anti-humanity beliefs of Margaret Sanger which formed the basis of Planned Parenthood and have continued to this day, and the support of the Greens for abortion with no complaint, comment, or even a peep against the genocide of Planned Parenthood against the black community ( they have killed more blacks than any other organization in history ). It is a common tactic of those who believe in death ( I hope that you don’t ) to ignore the facts and call names in order to avoid the exposure of the abortion industry and their supporters as the ghouls, death lovers, and enemies of humanity that they are.

    Don Grundmann Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  16. sunshinebatman

    This is a very important green issue. Aborted babies can be used as an all-natural fertilizer. Darwin bless these dedicated environmental activists!

  17. Nate


    “It is a common tactic of those who believe in death ( I hope that you don’t )”

    Ummm…. anyone who doesn’t believe in death has some really, *really* strong beliefs. I mean, if death isn’t a fact, what is? Taxes, I guess.

  18. Don Lake, A Modest Proposal ...........

    Nate // Nov 19, 2009:

    Don [Grundmann ??????, Don Lake ?????]

    “It is a common tactic of those who believe in death…..

    Don Lake, who has not yet experienced his own personal demise, believes in death …….

    I just do not believe that embryos in mammals are separate, [by the inherent definition of the biologist] fully formed human beings. I also do not believe in caravans of predatory homo sexuals or pubic educators espousing sexual fisting …..

  19. Don Lake, A Modest Proposal ...........

    Dave Schwab // Nov 19, 2009:

    “This place is always good for a chuckle” …..

    And in the cases of Doctor Donald [‘Fisting’] Grundmann and Cody [‘The Mormons are getting Anti LDS on me’] Quirk, field training for Comedy At the Improv, as they [and so many Dems and GOP] ‘make it up as they go along’ …..

    *Sarcasm* glad to see that you are soooooooo amused! Glad that nothing serious — like the invisible fog of Fascist Establishment ‘Night of Broken Glass’ — crashes in around us!

  20. Luisa Plancher

    I’m confused! Help!….
    So I’ve learned about the Green Party here in the USA…… at http://www.gp.org.
    Then I wanted to learn about the Independent Party, and that’s when the problem started.

    I went to Google Search…. wrote down: Independent Party…. many answers gave me the Libertanian Party…. OK, is the Independent Party also the Libertanian Party?

    All right finally came to a site describing the Independent Party…. and what do I get?

    Every thing endorses Green!….

    Is Green a person belonging to the Independent Party? If not, what does Green have to do with it? Thank you…. I apologize…. I’m new at this….Luisa

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