Arkansas Independent for Senate in 2010

Two recent public opinion polls from Arkansas ahead of the US Senate election in 2010 indicate a tight race between incumbent Democrat Blanche Lincoln and her potential Republican rivals (see Rasmussen and Daily Kos).  However, Arkansas’s independents may choose to support Trevor Drown, a former Green Beret who formed an exploratory committee and announced his intention to seek the office as an Independent earlier this year.  At Digital Journal, Michael Krebs recently interviewed Drown and asked him, among other things, about his military experience in Afghanistan, why he decided to run as an independent, and what issues are confronting the people of Arkansas:

Krebs: Given what appears to be Republican principles in your philosophy, why are you running as an Independent?

Drown: What is a Republican? In one state it is one thing in another it is something else. In Arkansas, the state GOP is a poorly lead, corrupt group of opportunists dedicated to serving themselves, their party, special interest groups and the people last. In many past elections at state and federal level, they have failed to provide even one candidate against the Democrats. Because of this, they gave up the right to be Arkansas’s conservative voice years ago. Finally, Arkansas’ registered voters are primarily made up of independents 95%, less than 3 percent are Republicans. I’m running as an independent because I will not bend on my core principles to scratch the back of another party member or pet project. I will do what’s right for Arkansas and America, irrespective of party leanings . . .

Krebs: What are the issues that Arkansas faces on the national/global stage, and how will you address them?

Drown: Arkansas’ unemployment is currently 7.6%. While this is lower than some states, it’s an unacceptable but fixable problem. Arkansans want to be left alone, to go about their lives without government intrusion. I intend to address issues like taxes, education, the environment, and health care. I would do this by shrinking the size of government and giving back to the states the powers given them in the Constitution.

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  1. Joshua Mann

    This will prove to be one of the more entertaining races this year with a lot at stake. Gray will get some support and bleed from some of Lincoln’s liberal progressive’s. Drown is plugged into the conservative, constitutionalist, anti-party and much of the Tea-party crowd that is looking for one of their own to support. Since more than 95% of registered voters in Arkansas chose to be independents this could be this start of something major sweeping the country. Looking at his site Drown is much like the Reagan Conservative of yesteryear. The Republican’s wish they had someone like him. Now on to the state GOP, where does one start. The Party Chair is dirty, with questionable ethics, filed bankruptcy in the last few months and the Arkansas GOP is deeply in the red. The other candidates, known as the “Magnificent Seven” are one bad cliché after another. They range from a Jew hating racist, Hendren to Baker a well known progressive and liberal Repubican. Toss in some odds and ends and you have a lot of puffed chests trying to out-GOP each other. Baker has raised the most money, but I these days money will not but away his past performance or what he stands for. Trying to arrange clemency for a old friend of his who violently raped a young campaign volunteer will not sit well with the people. Especially, after Huckabee’s most recent parolee time bomb went off. And that is just the start. Baker is dirty, slick, and sleazy. A win by him in the primary will ensure Drown takes this in the end. And that is not really a bad thing. We are in serious times and a serious man like Drown that has done serious things for this country, will get us back on the right track. It will also give hope to the rest of the country. I think Trevor Drown is the new breed of elected leader that Sarah Palin talks about and is looking for.

  2. Third Party Revolution

    We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Trevor Drown in his campaign for the Arkansas US Senate seat, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nationwide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  3. Green Party fan

    The Green Beret should run as Green Party candidate.

    The Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Arkansas in 2008 got over 20% of the vote!

    As a former Green Beret myself, and Green Party member for many years, the Green Party is the place for Veterans.

    There have been many excellent Green Beret’s who have joined the Green Party and run for office.

    In 2006 the Green Party in Oregon (believe they are called the Pacific Greens) had a very strong former Green Beret run for U.S. Senate.

    Those Arkansas Greens are very inclusive, and effective. A first class state Green Party doing outstanding work.

  4. Don Lake .......... John Anderson volunteer 1980

    Green Party fan // Dec 4, 2009………. the Green Party is the place for Veterans.

    ———- Oh, the partisan group that can not seem to get an official support state ment on former military for love or money ??????? The folks that drop their commitment to neglected and disabled vets at every turn ???????????

  5. Third Party Revolution

    Indiana, the group endorses all third party and independent candidates, even multiple people in the same race, and leaves the people to make a good choice based on their ideology. In this case, the liberals should support John Gray, while the conservatives should support Trevor Drown.

  6. Conservative all the way

    I am supporting Trevor Drown. I was in the Army from 68 to 95 and I know what kind of men make it in Special Forces. Strong, dedicated to freedom and liberty, their love for The United States gives them this strength, the most important trait is Integrity, something missing from Washington.

  7. Eagle II

    Hmm.. I commented hear earlier and the comments seem to have vanished.

    1. Trevor Drown “earned” a green beret, he’s not a green beret, thats a hat. He’s Special Forces and passed many tests including the “Q” course to earn that Green beret he was “awarded”

    2. His website ( busy as a bea ) is located here:

    3. It will be a major victory for powerful interests in both the Democrat and Republican party that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans if either party wins this seat.

    Their goal: elect the people who will do their bidding, while defeating those who won’t.

    While Trevor works on a shoe box donation budget, businesses, labor and special interest groups will dole out unfathomable amounts of money in campaigns nationwide to support those in political power we once placed in our trust and faith with our individual votes. It’s time for Arkansas to lead our nation once again. Trevor is asking you for your trust, faith and for your vote.

    If you have been asking yourself what you can do to reclaim the principles of liberty that laid the foundation of Arkansas and America then joining Trevor Drown’s grassroots campaign is a great start.

    Electing Trevor Drown to the United States Senate presents an opportunity for you to tell the chosen few in both parties, that you’ve had enough. For you to tell the liberal leadership in Washington and our liberal Senator in Arkansas who voted against the people of this state that you’ve had enough of the hypocrisy and false promises they offer while we are faced with unemployment, more and more taxes, liberal health care reform and national security concerns, trillion dollar debt while ever increasing salaries are being paid to growing numbers of government employees with the tax dollars of recession-battered citizens of our Arkansas.

    There’s too much at stake for you and your family not to get involved. Join Trevor in holding Washington’s feet to the fire, make them accountable as you send a strong message that you’ve had enough..

    VOTE Trevor Drown, US Senate in 2010
    Dare to Make a Difference!!

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